Opening myself through group awareness

I grew when meeting four people Monday who helped me expand my consciousness in ways I had never knew existed before. Someone introduced me to the Fifth Dimension, while another invited me to a New Age exhibition in Bucks County where light-workers of all shapes and sizes would introduce newbies like me to new and exciting pathways to Nirvana.

One woman, whose mother and father were medical doctors, showed us how “body talk” speaks through her during a real life example on Elena, who needed a balancing act to help get her through the morning and the rest of her life. It was invigorating and informative. I felt Elena becoming more grounded and elevated at the same time.

Our hostess spoke to us about her dream and how the masculinity that shined from the dream state was actually meant for yours truly.

I eventually sensed how I could grow into a more expansive state of being by opening myself to more Native American folklore and visions by simply focusing my awareness on the heavens and the earth where most of our energies are generated. I ordered the “Waterfall” meditation provided by a Native American woman who channels for the earth and I meditated with a morning cup of coffee sipping mindfully and totally aware of the present moment.

In two weeks, I’ll return to this Heaven on Earth offered free of charge in Kimberton, PA, through a Meet-Up group that formed through our collective consciousness. (Or was it our “consciousnesses”?) I welcome this chance to expand and become one once more with the Universe.

They call the group the “Intuition Development Circle.”

I’m having a helluva lot of fun while practicing with my eyes wide open!

You can too . . . just follow your intuition. Use the wisdom you were born with my dear friend. It will never steer you wrong.

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2 comments on “Opening myself through group awareness

  1. As children we have all of this trained out of us, and if we are lucky, truth finds us and offers the opportunity to know. This is Aquarius – to know, the belief ( Pisces) knowledge must be added. Those who think they should allow the same truths we were told 2000 years ago to rule their live are turning their back on soul growth, mostly due to a deception being sold to them… Good to know the collective consciousness continues to spread knowledge. The 100th Monkey …


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