‘Healing the Western Soul’ heals & inspires

When was the last time you read a book where you had to stop to digest what you just took in because you wanted to savor what you felt?

And then while resonating with it, you get a warm glow about yourself; you feel lighter, more connected with the world and so happy that another person can put into words what you know is so true?

That’s what I got (and am getting) from a book by Judith S. Miller, a psychologist who melds science with spirituality and shows how the two can energize each other. I want to write to her to ask “Where have you been all of my life?” and to praise her for what seems to be a ground-breaking offering. She’d probably blush and humbly thank me while giving credit to the many mystics who came before her and tried to teach humanity the lessons such a merging could provide the world. But then, I’d have her speaking one to one with me, allowing me to bask in her explanation and to pose many  follow-up questions to my heart’s delight.

Her words touch and indeed “delight” my heart. She taps into a wisdom that I already have, one which I believe I was born with, and gently pulls my consciousness to a level where I can see that innate wisdom. We all have the seed of knowledge inside, but we too often overlook it through doubts, misunderstandings and a lack of compassion for ourselves.

I just finished “Healing the Western Soul, A Spiritual Homecoming for Today’s Seeker,” and picked up her previous book, “Direct Connection, transformation of consciousness.”

“Mystical insight is a reality that exists independently of other experience.”

It motivated me to think and to feel how my path to a higher level of consciousness has taken me to where I am today. It offered hope for those of us who deal with minor bouts of anxiety, panic attacks and other forms of mental illness. (I got PTSD — Post-Traumatic Stress – from the Vietnam War.)

If you’re brave enough to look yourself in the mirror to see how glamorous you already are, and to deal with the few flaws such a view will uncover, then pick up a copy of her book. You’ll see how you have already been transformed and glad that someone has put it into words for you.

You too can become a mystic!

Judith S Miller, PhD, is a professor of developmental psychology at Columbia University.

3 comments on “‘Healing the Western Soul’ heals & inspires

  1. Dear Michael,
    Thank you for your nice comments about my book “Healing the Western Soul.” If you or some of your readers might be interested in an international 3 -year Breathwork “Hero’s Journey,” I’d be happy to provide more info. Twenty-some spiritual seekers — will be meeting twice a year, for 10 days at a time –in Philadelphia, Germany, and Greece to deepen and receive support and spiritual guidance as they travel and go deeper on their psycho-spiritual journey. It begins this coming March 2016, and registration will be closed in the next few months. The curriculum and more info can be found on my website — http://www.drjudithmiller.com (under “Events.”) I’ll be happy to answer any questions if anyone has them. My e-mail is drjudithmiller@comcast.net Again, much appreciation for your contributions. Warm Regards, Judith


    • contoveros says:

      Wow. what a treat. Judith Miller — Up close and personal!

      I hope some fortunate reader can take advantage of your offer. I will spread the word and who knows? Maybe someone will find their way to your site and join in the three-year experience!

      Michael J


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