‘Healthy Brain, Healthy Living’ Mystifies

I know very little about New Age holistic energy and healing. Yet, I believe that some force beyond my understanding has arisen in my life and I’ve become the beneficiary of something mystical.

It started with a visit to Sunnybrook Ballroom, a Pottstown dance hall that saw its heyday after the Roaring 20s and the advent of Guy Lombardo. I worked as a newspaper reporter there, but never visited it the seven years I lived in the small Pennsylvania town.

I was drawn to a weekend gathering of spiritual healers and believers of all types which would have made a hippie from the 1960s believe he or she had died and went to Nirvana on a LSD trip. I ventured there after meditating in a group at a Friday morning guided mediation in nearby Gilbertsville, which houses the Inner Light Healing. I had no idea what I was looking for or what if anything could receive my attention let alone my money for some sort of healing. At the time, I didn’t know I needed some. Healing, that is.

Before I knew it, I was sitting in an audience watching a demonstration of a practitioner who caused a woman lying flat on a massage table to shiver and shake simply by running a hand over parts of the woman’s back, tail-bone and neck. The  volunteer had been treated by this new technique that helps to energize the upper or higher brain. She described how her life had changed with weekly treatments and maintenance follow-ups to keep her healthy and vibrant.

I wanted what she had and I agreed to 22 treatments right then and there.

Was this an act of compulsion? Or was this the Universe guiding me to this point in time and at this place.

I felt close to nothing following my first treatment where I lay on a table while a Hindu chant played in the background via an MP 3 player. It was soothing and so was the attention my lower back got where I have suffered excruciating pain lately when I lean forward to put on a sock over my left foot. My sciatica nerve is causing the pain, I learned, and that is what I am seeking relieve.

It wasn’t until the second treatment by a facilitator named Sheryl that I started to see images with what some mystics call the “Third Eye.” I saw a chalice raised and the figure of a “PX.”  When she touched parts of my back a feeling of “sacredness” came over me. I would have jumped off the table and run had I not been exposed to such images that the eminent psychologist Carl G Jung called mindful “daydreaming.” One sees things that the inner self wants the conscious self to focus on, just as dreams sometime do for dream interpreters, he wrote.

I felt something was calling me, but I didn’t know where or how I was to approach this calling.

And then it hit me. I had purchased one of those “Groupon” coupons for a 60-minute back massage several months earlier and it was about to expire. Going to the website, I watched a video about lower back pain and eight exercises to do to relieve the pressure.

I exercised. Within a day, I got relieve.

Reflecting on these series of events, I remembered how I had attended a retreat at a place in Malvern, PA, called Innersource, I remember how I committed myself to do a yoga exercise everyday for 21 days and I had just begun that practice a few days earlier. The exercise felt good as I stretched that part of my lower back that has troubled me since jumping out of an airplane and landing on feet without breaking the fall.

Treatment can help you focus more on the higher brain


I am here to tell you that the back has improved. I exercised two days in a row while completing my 13th day of the yoga stretch.

I believe all have come together because of my treatment and the continuing promise I have made to myself to improve my brain and seek help for my Higher Self.

It couldn’t have come at a better time in my life!





5 comments on “‘Healthy Brain, Healthy Living’ Mystifies

  1. So I think you are saying healing comes from within with a little guidance from without?


  2. contoveros says:

    (See http://healthybrainhealthyliving.com/ for more details on Healthy Brain, Healthy Living)

    Michael J


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