Feeling 17 again, despite the aging process

I don’t feel my age. I know I’m getting older and will soon meet my Maker. But I just can’t see myself as a senior citizen, let alone someone who will one day praise the glory of Medicare and the free rides on public transportation in Philadelphia.

To tell you the truth, I feel like I’m seventeen years old again. My body would disagree, but my heart and my mind often see things from that period of time . . . It was a time when I had just graduated high school and the world was my oyster, so to speak.

I remember singing my heart out as did in a Doo Wop group, even though that term did not come into general usage for another generation or so. There’s nothing quite like four-part harmony. Today, I settle for singing along with the radio and my old CDs.

I’d still be a virgin, although I’d never admit it to guys I grew up with. I got a reputation to consider, you know. But I’d laugh and joke just to see the young girls smile and laugh along with me!

And I would speed like a demon in my 57 Chevy with no care for the past or the future. I’d burn rubber until Uncle Sam knocked on my door two years later and invited me to a place called Vietnam.

feeling young

Jacky Toy taught me how to harmonize, He learned it while singing with Joey Oz and  Eddie Keller, two “old heads.” They sang “Guardian Angels”  at the all-black Uptown Theatre for the midnight talent show. I’ll never forget it.

Joey Oz recently cut a new record. (Oops, I should have said “CD.”) He plans to send a copy to me and others feeling 17-years-old at heart. His music company is Brewerytown Records. I feel young when I  hear the harmony and I want to sing and dance again all night long!

I still flirt with many woman I come into contact with, hoping I’d get lucky. It never worked then, and it doesn’t work now, my friend. But, I feel I’m bringing a little joy  to members of the opposite sex when I compliment them and get a smile or two. I believe I’m serving a higher purpose when I serve them, if you know what I mean.

My biggest problem, however, is the continued “need for speed.” I still race in the car as if I was back in the classic Chevy. I get road rage and completely stressed out unless I leave for my ride extra early and I meditate while driving. I lose patience with other drivers. I lose patience with myself; and wish I could grow out of it.

But if that’s the only drawback of feeling like you’re 17, I’ll take it any old day. I’ll grow up someday, but for now I’ll enjoy life while still feeling young!

13 comments on “Feeling 17 again, despite the aging process

  1. I am currently the best I have ever been with life, and I strive to be even better; but I am wondering if we will ever completely grow out of our negative habits. I meditate, I read uplifting books and messages, I pray, and stay positive; but at times, I still experience some resistance, impatience, and emotional discomfort. The most important part of dealing with these issues is that I am conscious of them when they arise (I just wish they wouldn’t occur at all lol!) Thank you Michael for your inspiration! ~dp


    • contoveros says:

      I believe that the Dalai Lama feels the same way. That’s why he suggests we practice loving kindness as much as possible. In a way, it helps us to ward off the negativity that can so easily crop up.

      Being aware of this is the first step, I am told. You are helping all of us when you share your feelings about such obstacles. Dealing with them on a daily basis is what brings us wisdom!

      Thank you my new friend!

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  2. Lennon Carlyle says:

    I love Doo Wop music….although I’m 44 years old one of my all time favorite movies is American Graffiti. Wolfman Jack was the coolest 🙂


  3. I think Sylvia Boorstein has a book about car meditation….


  4. Cassandra says:

    I found “Brewerytown Beats” on FaceBook… is that the same Brewerytown?


    • contoveros says:

      You just turned me onto something I knew nothing about: BreweryTown Beats.

      Here is the WHYY coverage of the record store at 27th and Girard Avenue in North Philadelphia near Girard College:

      Thanks Cassandra!

      Michael J


  5. Cassandra says:

    Ah yes, I remember “Doo Wop”… There was an albino and two other guys… I still know their names and I can see them under the street light on the corner. They were great at harmonizing!

    Also, I had a phrase “No, I’m not in a hurry… I just like driving fast”. However, I do agree with grandfathersky’s comment. My plan is to remain and I have recognized and excepted that driving fast does not contribute to my plan.


  6. Road rage is the ultimate test of enlightenment, that Zen state of being that’s says let go of attachment, this is not me and I am not this. Maybe try one of those indoor go kart tracks?

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