Inner Being is Winter Solstice Dream

“Inner Being” is a state of mind

“Inner Being” is a state of mind

I try to cultivate just about all of the time.

I do it best when I’m all alone.

I don’t need a text or even a phone.

You see I silence myself when I am at home

And see how the things I know have recently grown.

Too often, however, it’s  the monkey mind

That won’t easily free me from the grind.

I must do something; I seem to always say.

But nothing is the one and only way!


A way to find any and all answers to . . .

The questions besieging both me and you.

Why am I here? What’s the purpose of life?

Why is there so much turmoil and strife?

Weren’t we born to just love one another?

Or am I dreaming with my head beneath a cover?

Yes, the purpose of life is to help all be happy.

Love’s not something that’s all mushy and sappy.

I love you, I love you, I love you it’s true.

My “Inner Being” can be your “Being” too!

Just open your eyes to that place called within

Go in with your heart and you always will win.

At WON Institute the Winter Solstice you’ll see

A place of silence and strength for you and for me!

echart tolle 

  (This poem is my offering for the Winter Solstice Meditation at the WON Institute)


3 comments on “Inner Being is Winter Solstice Dream

  1. Lovely. If we all cultivated such self-awareness and grounding, the world would be a different place. Happy holidays.



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