Universe conspiring to guide us all

When will I ever learn to trust the Universe?

When will I develop enough faith to believe things happen for my well-being? And when can I truly trust my instincts and live more peacefully in tune with what the Cosmos is manifesting just for me ?

I raise these questions after hitting a brick wall yesterday. I planned to surprise a good friend and share lunch in downtown Philadelphia. We hadn’t seen each other for a while, and I knew the surprise visit would rekindle our mutual love and respect and solidify a friendship that’s more than 30 years old.

So, I planned to catch an eleven o’clock train after my weekly meditation session in Chestnut Hill and impromptu visit with my banker in Conshohocken. I missed that train, however, and I began to feel that I was cursed. At least I believed my plans were cursed and that no matter what I would or could do, I’d never make to Philadelphia.

I was only ten minutes late. The next train would not arrive until after the noon hour. It would have been too late and I felt defeated. I left the train station with my head down and my tail between my legs.


I should have realized that circumstances were being manipulated in my favor, however. You see, my friend would not have been available had I made it to Philly by noon. My friend, a counselor, left the office at 11:45 am and I would have travelled to the city for naught.

I didn’t know it then, but the Universe was manipulating events for me to stay out of my old hometown. I believe it was teaching me a lesson that I am only now realizing that “She” likes to do with me every now and then.

How often are you plans dashed only to learn later that you were saved from some tragedy or heartbreak? Why did you take a wrong turn at one exit and not the other? Could you have been saved from a danger only God or whatever you want to call the Source had foreseen and plan to prevent from happening?

I know that my example is minor. But the effect it has had on me is major. Someone really is looking out for me. Someone has my back. Someone loves me and will always look out for my best interests.

Now if I can only take that into my default mode, I can operate this life of mine in loving harmony with the Great Computer that sees and wants to control us all if we only surrender and let go!


3 comments on “Universe conspiring to guide us all

  1. sidhelagh says:

    Why am I not surprised to find you referencing guidance and trust just now 🙂 Maybe it’s just me but I’ve the distinctly unmistakable sensation that there are many of us, more than one would suspect, learning to trust. Even those of us who will never see one another in person – we strengthen each other with our individual discoveries as we make our way along our own paths, which are somehow connected by what I’ve taken to calling our Interactive Universe. Thank you, my friend, for being who you are.


  2. As soon as I read this: “I missed that train, however, and I began to feel that I was cursed. At least I believed my plans were cursed and that no matter what I would or could do, I’d never make to Philadelphia.”, I asked myself, what was Michael guided to or from… So awesome is our guide even when we don’t comprehend (which is often). It is wonderful when we get a glimpse of the reason for our guidance!


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