Weight loss found in lightening myself & I

One doesn’t have to go on a diet to lose the excess weight of a lifetime of living. All you need do is to lighten your mind, get rid of burdens carried from childhood when the trauma of difficulties and missteps caused you to stumble and lose faith in your God-given direction.

“Lighten up,” is what someone told me once, and that is exactly what I have tried to do after experiencing Holotropic BreathWork  and listening to the new “Weight Loss” meditation offered by Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra today. My struggle has ended and from now on, I will be harmony with me, myself and I.

“Today we discover that we don’t have to struggle to shed our burdens – all we need to do is expand our awareness. In that awareness we find the inner fulfillment that is our true self” Deepak Chopra says. weight 4“This state of expanded awareness is the lightness in your life, and allows you to effortlessly let go of heaviness that doesn’t serve you . . . As we continue this Meditation Experience over the next few weeks, we will explore all the ways to shed our weight, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional.” —  (See https://chopracentermeditation.com/experience#)

That’s how things work in the Universe. That is, if you can get the “me” and the “I” out of the way and find the True Self. You know, the one you buried when you began the age of reason and started to take on what the schools, our parents and the peer group insisted we learn. Drop all your book learning. Return to the Wisdom You Were Born With. And you too can reduce your weight lose.

I have a lot of shedding to do. Decades worth and I know my reduction times table will take more than a week or even a year. But I’ll be trim again, sans the crap I thought I had to take on in order to survive.


6 comments on “Weight loss found in lightening myself & I

  1. Thank you for this Michael!


  2. Well said, Michael. I’ll be riding the Deepak/Oprah wave right along with you for the next 20 days. Here’s to our lighter beings. I feel freer already.


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