Letter to Another Galaxy & All Friendly ETs

Love makes our world go ‘round. It provides the essence of all that exists in our solar system. It created what our scientists call the “Big Bang,” and it continues to expand even though we‘re unable to see it with our limited vision.

But Love started it all. This is the Love that binds us and makes us one. We are made up of all the same ingredients. You are me and I am thee and we are all together, interrelated in our life-sustaining efforts.

Too often we lose sight of this Love and let the tiny voice of ego take over.

We want more, crave more and find ways to fight for more.


We became so involved with pettiness that we are destroying the very planet we inhabit. But, some have prevented such abuse. They are the bodhisattvas and saints among us who tell us that we are the care-takers of this world and that we must leave it in a better place then when we have found it.

Love is still here despite the greed, revenge and nasty habits of a selfish child. We are one again as this Age of Aquarius fully opens and your distant galaxy dwellers get a chance to visit us.

“Take us to your leader” you’ll proclaim. We’ll take you to the child who has been unburdened by adulthood, the ways of dogma and tradition.

That pure youngster will provide you with unconditional love and you too will feel the Joy that Divine Love can fill your very soul.


(What would you say in a memo transported to the last vessel carrying messages to outer space within the next ten years? Use this as a “prompt” and go write about it. But limit yourself to 250 words!)

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