Create a life of magical renewal with Love

If I had a magic wand I would wave it and remove all of the hate in our land. It would take away the hurt all felt throughout the ages of man from the beginning of time when Cain killed his brother and when a stupid Esau sold his birthrate to his brother Jacob for a lousy bowl of soup.

Yes, all pain and the residual pain would disappear, dry up and remove all traces of tears that our loved ones suffered when we were so cruel and unloving with our mean and selfish ways. There would be no more thoughts of war, no more war stories and the heroes amongst us would not be soldiers, but warriors of the Divine, of the God in whatever field we perceive the glorious One to be.magic.jpg

Poverty would be gone and there would be no more starving children in faraway lands or as close as our inner cities where babies have been left in dumpsters when a crack-addicted mother could see no future for the child she and her unloving partner conceived through sex and no care for anyone but themselves

We’d work cooperatively and not in competition with each other. We’d no longer care who Number 1 was, or who had the fastest car or the sexiest smile with bright shiny teeth. No, we’d be content with whom we are. Not in some distant future, but right now, right where we are in life.

We’d all experience something that only a few of us have gotten to practice . . . And that is living in the present moment. We’d see, hear and understand ourselves a lot better and feel the love for our brethren and our sisters who enlighten us with their company and loving ways.


This magic could come very easily if you think about it. All we need to do is to live life as if it has already happened. Follow the instructions of the “Law of Attraction” and bring into life what we project life to be not in some science fiction book. But in our new biography, our new auto-biography that we can start writing right now, this very moment.

Excuse me while I put away the wand and continue to write this history. I want to show my descendants where this new Way of Love and Forgiveness first started in the Year 2016. It started with me and you and all who realized magic can happen any time we choose it!

Michael J

5 comments on “Create a life of magical renewal with Love

  1. Beautiful, Michael. Present moment awareness. Mindfulness..paying attention in the present moment, on purpose, without judgement. Wave that magic wand, my friend.


    • contoveros says:

      I wish we could be in a bubble for hours on end just to write to our hearts’ content. Think of the magic we could produce as we listened to each other’s’ voices singing what our muses dictated to us when we opened our souls’ to ’em!

      I’m glad I met writers like you, Terri, and can look forward to at least one day a week when I can leave this world behind and let my mind wander “where it will go . . .

      I won’t be “fixin’ a hole in the roof to keep my mind from wandering” anymore!

      Michael J


  2. I’ve had arguments with Christian believers who insisted on retribution when someone screwed up at work. I could not fathom our pastor teaching us that war was the exception to the commandment -Thou shalt not kill. If I could wave a magic wand I would drop the veil of separateness from everyone’s eyes, so they could see what they do to others, what they think of others, they do to themselves and think the same of themselves. We are of the earth, she is our mother … You and I are brothers, one plus one equals one …


    • contoveros says:

      War is never the answer. It is a failure on both sides to reach a solution that time and more energy would have provided had one of the various sides had the courage to try just a little more at seeking a mutual accommodation.

      That is why we say “Blessed are the peacemakers!”

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