Touch at least one heart with Meet-Up now

If you could go back in time to attend a Meet-Up in Jerusalem with the famous rabbi from Nazareth to share some bread, wine and good conversation, would you sign up and go?

How about traveling back some 2,600 years to give a listen to the Four Noble Truths in northern India by a fellow who some claim had reached enlightenment? Would you agree to meet weekly to discuss life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Well, I can’t guarantee you such a trip, but I believe one can create such events by meeting with like-minded people seeking answers they usually manifest when greeting silence and communing with that divine nature sages of every age state we all have inside.

That’s why I started a Meetup group in Philadelphia. It’s part of a weekly meeting I’ve been attending in a section called Chestnut Hill near Germantown. (Philadelphia is noted for its quaint neighborhoods like Fishtown, Brewerytown and the place called Fairmount where Rocky ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Philadelphia itself stands for “Brotherly Love.” And it is quite fitting for the type of discussion we have with “A Course of Love.”)


heart 3.jpeg

The reading this past week talked about meeting with the early followers of the man called the “Christ.” Now, you really can’t go back into time and actually see Jesus, but you can imagine how your true self would resonate when you awaken to the “Christ Consciousness.” Or get in touch with what others call your “Buddha Nature.”

It’s the authentic self that we keep buried beneath a mountain of our culture, our upbringing and our ego-enforced way of life. Once we connect with our true self, we see everything else is just an illusion. By feeling the love within, we see more clearly and see how the entire world can benefit from our actions.


I don’t know if anyone will sign up. But if I can reach at least one heart through my effortless actions, then I will feel blessed. And that’s a good thing in today’s world.

Hell, I feel blessed in simply writing this. Now all I need do is remember to bring my book for the next Meet-up and I’ll be in Seventh Heaven or the place some call Nirvana!

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5 comments on “Touch at least one heart with Meet-Up now

  1. pkcapaldo says:

    Good for you, Michael! Spreading beauty, love, and light is the only way to overcome the darkness in this world.


  2. sam davies says:

    Hi MJ,
    I have a conflict in scheduling at the moment and am looking for a resolution in hopes of finding a way to return to the C. H. Group. Wish me luck with that!
    You are beautiful.


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