Balance needed in journey of heart & mind

Living in the right side of the brain can be uplifting most of the time, but you could face deadly consequences if you try it too much while driving.

Take me for example. I met for more than an hour Thursday with four friends reading from the inspirational book called “A Course of Love.” We took turns reading one paragraph after another of insights provided us by Mari Perron, a conduit for a “Spirit of Love” (my words). The reading and sharing of each chapter always elevates the “happy zone” within, and I feel almost giddy with compassion for every living being.

By the time we finished, I was late for a doctor’s appointment. Jumping into my car I intentionally calmed myself down and decided not speed once I got onto the road and met the morning traffic. It was slow. The traffic, that is, not the road. I felt a jab of impatience erupt and I disciplined myself to slow down.

I called on the Universe to guide me away from the anger I get from road rage and I pushed on the brake pedal of my mind. I was not going to speed up no matter what happened.

I slowed down on Germantown Pike refusing to get mad at my dumb self. And slowly I began to feel a peaceful calm that shows up during a restful meditation while sitting on a cushion. The feeling transported me to a place I call the “LA LA Land,” one where everything is at calm and as slow as molasses. I felt comforted and completely consumed by the stillness that took control of my heart and my mind.

Two soon I came to a turn on the road and I slowed even more and steered into the next street feeling as if someone else was in control of the vehicle when “BAM.” My car smashed into the side of the Barren Hill Brewery building forcing my airbag to deploy and my passenger side window to smash into hundreds or pieces of glass.




Collision of heart and mind not healthy


I never blacked out or “passed out,” even though I might have told that to one of the cops that came to the scene, directing the EMTs from an ambulance to assist in the ride to the nearest hospital. I hit my head onto something, but can’t remember what it was for the life of me.

All I remember is everything slowing down as I steered into the turn. My son — an auto mechanic — said that I had “under-steered.” I just felt I had simply went with the flow of the moment and let the left side of my brain take over.

That is what happened. I stayed in La La Land when I should have let the left side of my brain’s hemisphere take over or at least share in its control of me.


I’m okay now. I was admitted to the hospital and stayed over night for observation, but nothing really got hurt except for my pride.

Next time out I’ll remain balanced while traveling this spiritual path. You need both compassion and wisdom to reach enlightenment. I’ll seek moderation in all things, cross my heart and hope to die!


6 comments on “Balance needed in journey of heart & mind

  1. Nicole says:

    Yikes! It takes a lot of guts and self-knowledge to write so insightfully about something that scary. Glad you’re okay!


  2. Michael, I am so thankful that this accident was a teaching and not a finale. You are a valued, loved contributor to our community and to the positive energy in our universe.


  3. Michael J. So happy to hear you have not yet left us, at least physically. My dear, dear friend, keep the balance. Yin/Yang, left brain/right brain, earth/sky. Stick to the ground and walk the “middle way.” I would have been devastated if anything had happened to you. 💖🙏⛩🕉☯️


  4. sam davies says:

    Michael J, thank God you are okay, my friend! Don’t know if promising to stay on course with the words “hope to die” feel entirely comfortable to me. You know how much you are loved. See you Tuesday. Do you need a ride? Half joking.


  5. pkcapaldo says:

    Oh my! I’m glad you’re ok. Thanks for sharing your story. It’s a good reminder to me to take a few minutes of transition time after I’ve bee dwelling in that right side of my brain. It reminds me of the time I almost backed out of the garage with the door closed.


  6. Michael…glad to hear you’re okay! Self-awareness is key, but road-awareness is important when driving, huh? There are so many writing prompts you could generate from this experience, I imagine. See you at writing group on Tuesday. Drive CAREfully. 😉


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