Sharing a little mysticism from days of old

I experienced the Presence of God when I was 12 years old but didn’t know it until some fifty years later when I meditated and realized how much the Divine had filled me when I was praying for a girl I had just met on that glorious pre-teenage weekend.

I was smitten by Geraldine McFadden, a 12-year-old who lived at Second Street and Allegheny in North Philadelphia. We kissed ever so gently at first and before I knew it, she showed me what it was like to kiss as an adult. In other words, she taught me how to “French Kiss.”

I wanted nothing more in life than for her to like me, I mean “really like me.” And so early Sunday morning I went to Church. St. Ludwig’s Roman Catholic Church in a section called Brewerytown and I dressed up as an altar boy with a black cassock and a white surplus. I went to the kneeler in the Sacristy and I knelt and closed my eyes, envisioning what it was like on the night I had met this heart throb. I began to pray that she would feel the same way toward me as I did toward her.

I prayed and I prayed and then something that has never happened to me occurred.


Little altar boy experiencing the Presence of God while seeking true love

I went into some sort of a trance. Looking back, I believe it was a meditative state of mind where all thoughts are diminished and you obtain a clear sight into the place of “Nothing” that I read years later that mystics often tap into.

I experienced a joy I had never felt before. Peace and calm descended on me and I had no worries, no thoughts of any past sins and I enjoyed myself being alive in the here and the now. I felt unconditional love from the Universe and winning over Geraldine McFadden didn’t seem to matter to me as much anymore.


What I experienced was the Presence of God, but I didn’t realize it until some eight years ago when I began to write a Blog and I started to remember some of the events of my life. In A Course Of Love, we’re “taught” to remember who we were in the past. To remember who our true self was and to see life in a way we might have never looked because of the “busy-ness,” the stress of work, and the mundane trials and tribulations of daily life.

I was fearful of sharing this with those I grew up with in the working class neighborhood I was raised. I felt vulnerable and I thought they’d ridicule or make fun of me as someone “different” and too weird to be accepted by them. I still feel that way sometimes. At least the kid in me feels that, the little “Mikie Contos” inside who is a still sensitive  despite his bluster and creds from street fighting and later as an infantry platoon leader in the war of his generation.

I am grateful that I can share my mystical experience without worrying what my old friends and school mates would think of me. They might have had similar experiences and are only now feeling comfortable to share it with others. I want them to know that I am listening and will enjoy their story no matter how crazy they think it might sound. Being present for the Presence of the Higher Self is all that matters.


9 comments on “Sharing a little mysticism from days of old

  1. contoveros says:

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    Kathleen Hoy, Luba Schmid, Janelle Allyn, Lucido-Conate, Gul Durmayaz Guducu, Tamara Ambros, Howard Brown, Jack Wilson, Sam Davies, Rosemary DeRosa, Nicole Perry, Jacqueline Lesser Faust, Elise Segal, Angela Marie Petrilli, Edyta Schwartz, Paula Hardin, Marie Bender, Wendy Manning, Evangeline Bragitikos and Jane Hulting.

    Below are comments from Facebook:

    Fred Tomasello Jr. Thanks for sharing, Mike. Powerful experience.

    Michael J Contos Thanks. It’s special coming from a Vietnam veteran who meditates with others suffering from PTSD . . .

    Michael J, Philadelphia
    Angela Marie Petrilli You had me at the first sentence.

    Michael J Contos You’re so sweet. Good to see you again!

    Angela Marie Petrilli It’s always a pleasure to see you, Mike
    Amy Nora Doyle MacLeod Just simply lovely, Michael.

    Michael J Contos
    — thank you my dear. Someday we will meet on this earth or in a place just outside of Canada we folks down here call Nirvana!
    Rosemary DeRosa Beautiful 😇

    Michael J Contos I’m glad you liked it!

    Tamara Ambros Thanks for the memory. I too had that experience And still do.

    Michael J Contos Tamara, you got to write about it someday@!

    Tamara Ambros Yes someday. Right now don’t have time to think. Can’t even finish my writings about synchronicities. I may need your help.

    Michael J Contos Just let me know!


    Sharon Sabrarose Ivanov
    Great Remembrance. From Within: loving a person, then Divine Love; realizing it’s not only enough; it’s complete. Then the desire for people again.
    For me it’s a cycle of rejection, loss, disrespect, marginalization, ha, ha!
    The Divine Love remains… OX

    Michael J Contos I wish everyone could remember what it was like when they realized there was a power so much greater than what we will ever know on this earth.

    It’s called love, the unconditional love we have in side of each and everyone of us!


    Julie Anne Newland
    I can relate. There was this boy……………..and so on 😉

    Michael J Contos

    It’s good to know that there are others who can relate to someone spiritual journey. I learned you can learn a lot through reflections and meditation. Life was good and it still is despite what the world and its chaos often presents to us!


    Joy Alcoy
    I love you Michael

    Michael J Contos
    It’s contagious. . .

    I think I got it from you.

    The Love bug!


  2. I have had similar experiences. It is good to know that I am not the only one. Thank you for sharing this.


    • contoveros says:

      I hope someday you might share with everyone your experiences. I was fearful (still am) in sharing with persons I grew up with. I thought they’d see me as strange or different than others in the group.

      Now I mingle with more like-minded people and I’m less concerned about what the “old in-crowd” would think about me.

      It’s been a pleasure getting to know you on the Internet!

      Liked by 1 person

      • I may share some of my experiences. I like you am hesitant. I do know there is more than what we mere mortals see with our eyes.


        • contoveros says:

          Letting go of what people might think or say was a big obstacle for me. I still have problems with that old peer group even though I have not really mingled with them since I was drafted at age 19 some dozens of years ago.

          It ain’t easy, but it is really rewarding!

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  3. souldipper says:

    Michael, I’m enraptured. Thank you for telling the story. This is the way we were built to live. May there be more and more of us living those times of great joy. To me it’s Love.


  4. Oh, Michael J! Have you read “The Mystic Heart” by Wayne Teasdale (a Catholic monk)? It is superb! You would love it. You may borrow my copy if you do not mind excessive underlying, important starred and passionate heart notations in the margins. I should have just wrapped the entire book inside of one enormous soft heart, kinda like yours.


    • contoveros says:

      I haven’t read it Terri, but I plan to Google it and see it. Anything with the word “Mystic” attached to it seems to call out to me nowadays. I got a little more time to investigate the world beyond our world and its a lot of fun!

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