Exercise Routine by Accident & Incentive

I exercise daily and try to get enough steps each day to add up to two miles. That’s around 6,250 steps if anyone is counting.
Well, my I-phone is counting ‘em. The steps, that is. And the miles.
My exercise routine got started by an accident. More than a year ago, I ate some macaroni and cheese that my son Nicholas left out overnight. I got sick as a dog, couldn’t keep anything down and ended up driving to the emergency room of the VA Hospital of Philadelphia.
I got cleaned somehow and released after seeing a doctor who advised me to rest to take it easy. I also stopped eating like I use to eat because I just lost the taste for food for a while. I ended up losing some 50 pounds.

Yeah, you read that right. Fifty pounds knocking my weight down from 208 pounds to a solid 158 pounds which is just right for my 5-foot-six-inch frame.

And more importantly, I kept the weight off!

I did it by taking part in a study for persons over 65 who were issued an I-phone to keep track of their vital statistics for a study group conducted by CORE Human Factors of Bala Cynwyd, PA. Someone retained the group to study me and other seniors over a one-year period. You had to wear your watch the entire time and at the end of the study, they’d pay you $650.

image.jpegI completed the study and learned how to track my exercise routine through the I-Watch. I was intrigued by the record my watch was creating and I joined the local gym — SuperFit of Conshohocken. There are some 20 treadmills there and I use one of them at least five days a week.  I never would have joined the gym had I not been given the incentive to exercise by the watch. And while I had to turn in the watch at the end of the year, my I-Phone kept the records of my daily routine.

In addition, my loss of weight added — or in this case, “subtracted” — another benefit. I got cured of the sleep apnea that had forced me to wear a mask in bed the past 10 years or so. (See sleep article.)


I don’t believe that I would have gotten “back into shape” had it not been for both the accident and the incentive offered by the study. It just goes to show you that the Universe can conspire and use different forms of magic and synchronistic efforts to affect you overall well-being.

Just stay away from spoiled mac and cheese!

11 comments on “Exercise Routine by Accident & Incentive

  1. contoveros says:

    The following comments were offered on Facebook:

    Sharon Sabrarose Ivanov
    Blessing in a certain form… & congrats.! OX

    I feel so much better and check everyday to insure I walk at least 2 miles.

    The Universe is smiling in my ability to follow its gentle nudges and openings for my well-being!


  2. Good for you!!!

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  3. inhiscare753 says:

    Wow…this is an amazing and inspiring post. Congratulations, thanks for sharing.


    • contoveros says:

      I enjoyed sharing this. I was hesitant at mentioning the amount of weight I lost, but what the heck, I figured it was an added benefit particularly when you see how the Universe mysteriously maneuvers us to get things right!

      Get sick in order to get well . . .

      Who would have thunk it?

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      • inhiscare753 says:

        Yes, Indeed. I’m glad you shared, it’s bold, beneficial and inspiring. Sickness was an indicator. A signal to do something different. Taking part in the program, exercising and changing eating habits definitely paid off! Congratulations 🎉


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