Dating today just ain’t what it used to be!

What’s it like to be young and wanna go out on a date nowadays?

I mean, there just ain’t a good place to go, no good place to meet someone, no good activity that will allow two mostly young people to get together and see if they can make some sparks to fly.

COVID 19 has hit them upside their heads.

Just think about it. You can’t follow the tried and true dating ritual of going to the movies and having dinner. Movie theaters are closed and while some restaurants are open for outside dining, I don’t believe any of ’em have night-time hours for two budding love-birds to meet up.

And all the bars are closed. You can’t “pick up” someone at the local tavern. (I never did and never actually tried too hard to meet someone there.)

And what about the places that you generally have met someone who would eventually become a date? I met four young women at different schools that I attended. Some dates lasted longer than others, but we could still be friends when we stopped dating and saw each other in class or at school activities.

The same applies to two women I met while working at two different jobs. We had a few good times and lots of laughs but we didn’t let the ending of the dating ritual disturb our continued relationship at the workplace and beyond.

Schools are closed, according to the news reports in my neck-of-the-woods. (Penn’s Woods, that is!) And many people are working from their homes to avoid the virus and honor social distancing.

Love is taking a beating with this pandemic.

And even if you have chance meeting somewhere or somehow I am not really sure how you are going to determine if you might be attracted to the other person. They’ll be wearing a mask, for Christ’s sake! “Here’s looking at you kid” just ain’t gonna cut it!

Well, some poet once said that love was blind. So maybe a little masquerade won’t hurt your chances.

Lastly, I wonder how ladies of the night are handling this state of affairs (No pun intended!). What are they doing to keep up their livelihood? Zoom just wouldn’t cut it for any red-blooded American guys that I know.


Despite it all, I am sure some people will find a way to date.  Romance will bloom naturally and young men will once again imagine what their “Dream Lover” will be like while listening to some heartfelt music like the one provided by Fishbone:

Well I wish I had a date
So I wear my suit and tie
Well I wish I had a date
With a pretty girl in mind
Well I’ll take her out to dinner
And I’ll treat her real good
I’ll spend all my money on expensive food
Show her off to all the rest of my friends

9 comments on “Dating today just ain’t what it used to be!

  1. Samanthamj says:

    So true. It’s good to read your words once again. =)


  2. kinge says:

    We live in different times, such tragedies show us how golden life was even if itdidnt seem that way before covid. I like the poem at the end. Well written.


  3. True🙄👍💖

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  4. tanayaasingh says:

    I don’t know if it’ll ever be the way it used to be. Saddening it is now. The world seems to be ending.

    Liked by 1 person

    • contoveros says:

      We will adjust somehow. Memories will be created of how couples met and overcame the obstacles that lead to their mutual growth and ability to endure for each other.
      We may not recognize it, but someday someone will direct a romance movie and ask someone like you to star in it!

      Now keep the smiling girl . . .


  5. contoveros says:

    Got this message from Facebook:

    Calliope Contoveros
    Unfortunately true, this COVID has affected my dating life…ugh

    Michael J Contos
    Write some letters to the image of your love and give it to them from your heart when you finally meet up with them!.

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