Awakening to sounds of the outdoors again

I got a new pair of hearing aids, and a new world of sounds has opened to me!

I wore ‘em outdoors during a walk on my 10,000-steps-a-day journey, and the first thing I noticed was the sound of birds chirping merrily in the trees I walked under. They had to have been communicating with each other because as soon as one stopped chirping, another one seemed to follow up in response.

It reminded me of St. Francis of Assisi and how he gave a sermon to the birds asserting all creatures were but children of the Divine and that we should care for each other. (Tap the link on St. Francis’s name for the sermon.)

I also felt the birds urging me on to continue my walk outside to stay in shape and take in the beautiful sun and slight breezes.

Listening to the birds chirp outside brings joy and gratitude each day!


And as I continued my jaunt, I noticed that there were more sounds around my town. One of them was that of a large trash truck gently moving up the street where I live. Trash truck workers jumped off the rear of the vehicle and helped bring trash cans to what I call the mouth of the truck.

There a device mechanically hooks up with the trashcan and lifts it from the ground and then pours its contents into the belly of the truck to mix in with trash that had been collected earlier.

It reminded me of how civilized we have become and that we have designated our government here in Conshohocken some 14 miles outside of Philadelphia to pick up trash twice a week and recycle once a week.

Next, I focused on the sound of a train as it made its way not far from the Schuylkill River. I am not sure what direction the train was moving, but it had a soothing and melodic sound to it, reminding me that commerce to help society was being transported routinely and on time despite the problems facing us today.

It felt good and gratifying to hear sounds amplified again. You should try focusing on ‘em the next time you are in the great outdoors!

9 comments on “Awakening to sounds of the outdoors again

  1. I’m so happy for you. I think I keep getting so inundated with the noise pollution around my apartment complex that I forgot there are great sounds to be paying attention too! Thank you! I’m going outside right now for a walk and I’m going to focus on the beauty around me! 💕😊

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    • contoveros says:

      Yes, there is beauty all around us and, as you recently pointed out in a blog post, all you need do is go outside for just five minutes and take it all in.
      Enjoy your walk . . .

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  2. So true, I’d swear the birds are talking about us as we wander by their perches in the trees!


    • contoveros says:

      I must have gotten a few mad at me because I often see some white spots that have mysteriously dropped from the tree outside of my house onto my parked car.
      But yes, I believe they recognize us humans and want to share in our well-being!

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  3. contoveros says:

    The following messages were shared on Facebook:

    Bill Benedict
    So glad you now can hear all of God’s Creation

    Me too. I lost my old pair of earplugs (hearing aids) and got a new pair recently from the VA Hospital of Philadelphia. I received an official 10 percent hearing loss rating due to the Vietnam War but I think I might have caused the injury when listening to Rock & Roll music over the old transistor radio listening to Jerry Blavit and Hi Lit and the Philadelphia sound of Oldies.


    Roe Searles Ferry
    Michael J Contos my husband also got his at the VA.

    The VA is the first place I turn to for medical care. It has helped me immensely over the past 10 years or so.
    I get my hearing aids, my glasses, as well as my teeth, cleaned at no cost.
    It’s nice to be taken care of for the work we did while serving our country.

    Roe Searles Ferry
    Michael J Contos so does my hubby!!!


    Kathleen McPeake Gilliano
    That’s great

    I hear you.
    Loud and clear!

    Kathleen McPeake Gilliano
    (Thumbs Up sign!)

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  4. wolfshades says:

    P.S. congrats on the hearing aids! I’m sure they make a world of difference!

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    • contoveros says:

      I actually had to get tested once again but I learned that my hearing ability (or lack thereof) had remained the same. I don’t use the aids all the time but when I do I enjoy the sounds as if they were music!


  5. Wolfshades says:

    Wow. Loved the imagery of your post, Michael. I was outside today too and took in all of the warm sunlight and noticed all of the sounds and sights. Isn’t summer just amazing?

    Sometimes, late in the afternoon, my balcony door is often wide open, and I can hear the sound of a lawnmower in the distance. And that brings me right back to my childhood, and to that same sound.

    Loved reading your blog today!

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    • contoveros says:

      That sounds about right!

      Yeah, sounds can awaken you to so many things. Past memories of childhood, games played as a kid the creaking of the wooden floor in an old house you loved to visit.

      Getting outdoors brings a new light to things and can refresh us as the warm sunlight bathes us with such a blessing.

      Glad you like the post.


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