Dreamcatcher opens avenues for healing

Originally Cont’d from Pranic Healing Begets Mighty Meta Care 12-3-09

I don’t mind letting my feelings show in public. Especially here, in the “Dreamcatcher” building  on Route 73, some 20 miles outside of Philadelphia. It’s dark in this room. Hell, I have my eyes closed, and no one can actually see me. Let it flow, I tell myself. Let this expression of purifying  Love wash over my cheeks, my beard, my chin.

Cry like a baby. No, let the eyes water like you’re a sorrowful woman. Like Mary. From the Bible. Weeping for her Son and hoping she could intercede or protect her Loved One from prophecy that she knows her Child must fulfil one day. Weeping tears of Love to spread to countless sufferers across the universe. Or as close to me as this child is who I hope to soothe.

I feel a comfortable sensation through my left hip, the area of my lower back which has endured a nagging pain for some 15 years. A soft tingling warms that spot, pulsating some form of energy. Before the 10-minute procedure finishes, I feel my Self stretching, straightening up as my head involuntarily raises following a path of a light I believe I see within. Could be the imagination. Who knows?

But, my spine is now straight!

I sit up. Straight as an arrow. I feel taller! Don’t know what happened. The “healer” tells me I’ll need more treatments because of years of wear and tear my back absorbed. I’ll give it a try, I say to myself, finally opening my eyes, looking for the young person who is no longer behind me.

She is now in a nearby corner, beneath a blanket with her eyes closed. Resting. Asleep. Now, without pain. I like to think that some one’s healing has helped her. I passed to her what I could. They call it “meta care.”  And I think I am beginning to understand its power. The  power of Love.

For more on “Meta Care,” see article by Steven Goodheart: The power of love to heal our bodies

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