Schuylkill x-way miracle paves road to VA

Cont’d from ‘Right’ path never obstructed long, Part II

The Buddha appeared in a dream. He took on  the forms of a soldier, a counselor and then a computer printer. How could such an entity take shape in such different apparitions?

It all started as I entered a building. President Barack Obama’s picture beamed on a wall as I walked through a large room, cordoned off by dozens of partitions, creating offices upon offices of civil servants working for me and thousands of over veterans from the United States.

It was the Veterans’ Administration building in Philadelphia, one week after the city was digging out from the record-setting Winter of 2010. Snow still stalled traffic and had limited parking spaces to those carved out of the white stuff that froze and changed into mounds of ice two, three and four feet high on city streets. Some mounds in parking lots like the one near Wissahickon Avenue rose as high as 15 feet, displaying a side of Mother Nature we haven’t seen since the Blizzard of  “96. (1996, for the Middle Atlantic States.)

I had just witnessed some minor “Miracles” on my way to this building. When was the last time someone you know drove during rush hour traffic without having to step on the brake pedal once while on a freeway entering a major city? That was me enjoying the Miracle of the Schuylkill Expressway Tuesday, Feb. 16.

Was it simply “chance” that I found a “cleared” parking space less than a block away from the VA building. Tons of snow had fallen the past week while two separate snow blizzards struck our homes with thunderstorms bellowing in the atmosphere adding to cold conditions that closed Philadelphia schools three days in a row leading up to the Presidents’ Day three-day weekend.

That parking spot that became available to me on that Tuesday, the day after the 6-day “shut-down” was Miracle Number 2 in my book. Neither one of these extraordinary incidents amounted to water being changed into wine, or a lame man walking straight again. But, I believe they were more than coincidences, perhaps more in line with the “sychronicities” that Dr. Carl Jung championed in his pioneering investigation into the psyche as well as the mystical.

A “flow” of unimpeded happenstance in my life was coming together, like the “perfect storm,” but only in reverse. The “perfect hour,” maybe the “perfect day” or as much as the “perfect week,” had developed, starting with a day-long retreat I attended on Saturday and continuing through Friday of this past week when my “spiritual high” extended into and helped create a friendship with a Venezuelan person seeking answers along the same path I had traversed.

What this all just a dream, I ask myself now? Did any of this happen in “real life?”

Or had I been sleeping all the time before, living from one illusion to another, and only now awakening when a hand had been extended to me, rousing me from a dead sleep, to engage in a new, rich, miracle-filled way of Life?

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2 comments on “Schuylkill x-way miracle paves road to VA

  1. kim says:

    Reading a good book about stuff like this called Extraordinary Knowing. You may be causing all this by quieting your mind. 😉


    • contoveros says:

      Wish I could bottle it, and sell it.

      No, give it away, to all that might need it.

      “Step right up . . .Get your quiet mind, here. Free for Extraordinary Knowing. All you need is one Almighty Soul to join in . . .”


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