Dream helps guide me back to Paradise

Originally Cont’d from Dream Reveals Key to Paradise 12-2-09

 I realized that I was in Paradise.

No, not the Paradise mentioned in our religious books about an Adam and Eve in a Garden of Eden. My Paradise was within, existing immediately before I had eaten from the fruit of the Knowledge Tree, the source of later intelligence, the later development of the mind and its control of my life.

I believe that stories of ancient beginnings involving a first man and a first woman may have actually been intended for everyone who experienced nothing but love, peace, serenity and a certainty in their dealings with the world, the entire universe before the imposition of that first Thought. And all the creatures appearing in Creation experienced similar connections to us, to the Cosmos, to the Wiser Being that help to usher us into life. We all felt love, and had no experience with suffering, fear or anxiety.

There was no conception of nakedness before the bite of the apple. Humans lived in harmony with nature and our world.

What’s a dress?” Adam (our child self) could ask. “Why must I clothe myself? And who says what is right for me or for the female who is completely separate from me. but still a physical part of my humanity?”

The child Adam would have not known shame or fear or vengeance. None of these traits existed at the time Paradise reigned within. We only learned to fight, to compete, to dominate after we learned to think thoughts instilled in us by society.

(In my case, a military society that prized a warrior who could perform a country’s business without emotion, without a thought of a tomorrow when the action would haunt my dreams, my efforts to deal with everyday stress. Can anyone say PTSD?)

I’m talking about a society that seemed to hand down rules as quickly as the snake could argue to a one-person jury that giving in to temptation was simply an intellectual dabbling in a superior, and some could say, “necessary” way to live. “Try it, you have nothing to lose,” is still a very convincing argument.

Who could resist such a line?

Paradise remains in side of each of us. A book or the  intellectual part of the Mind (what I suspect is actually the Left side of the Brain) will never enable you to find it.  Only a child can lead us there, (the child inside) if we allow ourselves to nudge the Mind aside and dwell with the beauty that the Right side of our mind —  the artistic, the mystical, the loving side of our brain, has to offer.  Meditation, developing a detachment from desires, and a return to our uncorrupted, untainted and pure as the newly fallen snow  . . . little . . . boy . . . or . . . girl . . . within . . . can become that first step in the journey back to Paridise.

 (See Beginning of story, Dream Reveals Key to Unlock Paradise)
(See Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor’s presentation for TED about the Left Side of the Brain. The U-Tube video will blow your mind! )

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