God’s Presence Realized at Breakfast Table

Originally Cont’d from Feeling God’s Presence in the Mundane 12-6-09


I heard Him in the sound of  a nearby child laughing, a dish scraping a counter, footsteps behind me. I beheld His inspiration in the mug that held coffee I sipped. What our ancestors would have given to have used such a devise: something as mundane as a coffee cup! I viewed that mug from the perspective of prehistoric man. How ingenious for someone to have created such a handle. Who thought of creating this handle, particularly making it small enough that only two fingers could fit and grasp the side of a cup?

And the smoothness of a rounded cup! The texture of what, porcelain?  I have no idea how it was made, possibly through some firing process, but who is to say that God did not offer the impetus for that first person to think of such a practical object. It was probably God-inspired, as Einstein once thought. Modern man’s greatest scientist was able to see His Signature in our universe. Why can’t I? (Why can’t you?)

I then saw a splinter. In one of my fingers. I pressed and pulled with one fingernail and then the other until I tore off some skin. Unhygienic? You bet. But what a thrill to feel that splinter pulled out. It was such a “sharp,” almost piercing, pleasant sensation to relieve that small irritation from my finger. I felt God had allowed this to happen in the moment I blended with Him.

Could meditation over the past 18 months have brought me to this moment? Has my brief contact with Quantum physics, Pranic healing and “tapping” meridian points helped me to”feel” the Divine in and all around me?

Could  be.

Pretty sure I couldn’t find it in Santa Claus or the Merry jingles I heard at Christmas time. (Or the Presidents Day Sales in February and Easter Bunny tunes I’ll hear shortly after.  No, Madison Avenue can not provide God through any sales pitch “out there.” God has always been elsewhere. And, as close to us as being  “within.”) 

Perhaps “God” is that “Source” that we humans can’t really name. The “No Thing” that Mystics describe on seeing through a vision. The “Void” or “Nothingness” that Buddhist seek through enlightenment.

Take your pick. I think all paths may lead to the same place we’re searching for at top.

5 comments on “God’s Presence Realized at Breakfast Table

  1. contoveros says:

    “Mister God, This is Anna” is the name of the book and of the girl who felt the Presence of God in everything.


  2. kim says:

    Water, air– doesn’t matter. God is everywhere.


    • contoveros says:

      Water . . . air . . . Aren’t we, our human bodies, actually made up of mostly that?

      Water, air, probably some salt?

      Yes, God is everywhere.

      Including our bodies, our selves . . . within our very Being.


  3. kim says:

    I think you may be right. In order to feel God, we need to enter a void of nothingness. Am enjoying your posts on this.


    • contoveros says:

      I believe there is a “flow” about entering this “void.” More like we are liquid returning to the “Source” in which we were created from.

      How about God, the Divine “WaterWorks?”

      michael j


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