Unconditional love; language we all know

(The baby looked up and for the first time, acknowledged the Presence of another Being, staring into the full face of a Grandfatherly type person who smiled back. Couldn’t help but notice the unconditional love beaming toward the infant. Was almost palpable, that’s how the feeling of Goodness filled the vacuum of space between the two. I saw it in the love He said we all experienced as newborns. No matter what we did or didn’t do, we were loved. And we knew it, perhaps, knew it from the inside out. And, that’s when I got insight from interviewing that Grandfatherly type [G’d,’ for short] in the small hamlet of Nirvana, a little way’s up from Philadelphia.)


Contoveros (C’os): “You do this with all babies?”

Grandfather (G’d): I do it with all people, no matter what the size or age, but few feel it as the smallest of the small can.

C’os: “Why?”

G’d: They forget, and often take years until remembering that my Love is there . . . always was . . . and always will be, so help me . . . And it’s unconditional, no matter what they do.

C’os: “Even the bad ones, the ones that do bad things?”

G’d: There are no such things as “bad ones.” I love them all. You see things as good or bad, but there is another reality you once knew but have forgotten to remember.

C’os: “How can someone “remember” what they forgot?”

G’d: Go within. You’ll find the answers there.

C’os: “You mean anyone can tap into this, what You call ‘unconditional love.’ “

G’d: Yes.

C’os: “You don’t have to do anything . . . I mean, you don’t have to ‘earn it,’ or perform meritorious acts to gain this?”

G’d: Love can be found in what you call “meritorious acts.” It is when a person serves another that he and she is ‘served.’ The very act — a guileless, unselfish act — becomes its own reward.

C’os: “Ok, I can accept that. But, now that I got Your attention, could You tell me what You meant about the “Chosen” people mentioned in the great books?”

G’d: Somebody got the translation wrong. “Chosen” got inserted for the word “Known” by some overzealous reporter.

C’os: “You mean all of this time theChosen” ones were simply the “Known” ones? Or the ones who came to “Know” You? Or, those who could get to “Know” You?”

G’d: You’ve answered your own question.

C’os: “That’s not fair. Now You’re talking like a shrink. Is that Who or What You really are? Someone who let’s us find our own answers while You just lead us on . . .”

G’d: Is that how you see Me?

C’os: “See. Just like a psychiatrist! But, now You’re acting more like a lawyer, not answering a direct question, but letting someone like me try to figure out what You actually mean.”

G’d: You can, you know.

C’os “What?”

G’d: Figure it out.

C’os: “What about all the bad things in the world? Are You responsible for them? If so, why do You let ’em happen?”

G’d: I give you nothing but Love. You may not always feel that; might even interpret it differently, and not see it my way your entire lifetime.

C’os: “Are you saying that, in reality, all things are good, if we only choose to view it that way?”

G’d: You could say it like that.

C’os: “Well, how else should I say it? What language should I use that all could understand?”

G’d: The one language. The universal one.

C’os: “What’s that?”

G’d: The one I use with this baby and all other small children — the one you know as Unconditional Love.

15 comments on “Unconditional love; language we all know

  1. Josie says:

    Beautiful post. Love it. Thanks for this 🙂 Hugs and blessings to you.
    Josie x


    • contoveros says:


      You hugs and blessings touched me from afar. Ain’t it great to send love over the Internet so that all could feel just a wee bit better about Life?


      michael j


  2. Helen T says:

    I have read your article and all comments. You are happy guy! You have so many friends who share your believes and support you. Unconditional love… I think this is the answer for the question, ‘What do people live for?’


  3. NICE!!!! =) Uplifting!!!


  4. tobeme says:

    Very well done and very wise. Unconditional love (as if there were truly any other kind) is the core of what we are and it is all about remembering.


    • contoveros says:

      “Dhikr” is the term used for remembrance of God in the Sufi faith. It reminds me to remember God — Allah — in all things. Whether I be Muslim, Jew, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist or a practitioner of a “New Age” spiritual group, it helps me to not forget my purpose is to be enlightened in a Goodness found within me and you, and all of us.

      michael j


  5. souldipper says:

    Michael, it’s easy to empathize with you about being a “holy fool”!

    Messaging arrives and stirs surprising feelings and emotions. Transformation happens. Sometimes I simply weep over the incredible love that builds like pressure about to burst inside my chest. Sometimes courage comes abundantly – I let go to “be” with the flow of this dynamic presence.

    Then there are times when I just feel like that “holy fool”! I put the skids on and smell burning rubber.

    Like a Grandparent…that Universal Energy waits.

    Blessings on the Internet. It provides a portal through which we can give leave of this material that would otherwise be left unspoken.

    Thank goodness for people like you – and your friends who comment.

    – Amy


    • contoveros says:

      Feel like I just got a hug. Not one of those light ones you share with just about anybody, but one that you linger with, holding tighter and tighter, never wanting to let go until the tears subside and you don’t pull back until looking the other full in the face allowing ’em to see the treardrops flowing from within you where they’d just touched your heart and reminded you that Love is there at all times. The unconditional love from you to me and any who cares to share in the words produced by such “holy fools.”

      Amy. what a beautiful thought you sent me . . .

      Thanks. Now, I’ll be singing that song about you and “indigo blue” by Bobby Darin:

      Amy / Soft as the April snow / Amy / Lovely as indigo / You only kissed me / and paradise smiled / and the man was a child / and the wind was+ so wild. …

      — michael j
      smiling brightly


  6. alexandrabrooks says:

    Sweet one Michael.


    • contoveros says:

      Aw shucks . . . thanks, Alexandra.

      A good friend who became a grandmom for the first time told me of her unconditional love for her 8-week-old grandchild who threw up, peed and pooped on granny. She offered unconditional love to the infant despite it all.

      Meditated with her at the Resiliency Center in Ambler, PA, and saw how G’d could feel the same way about us, despite the crap we do . . .

      Inspiration, sometimes, comes from a messy place.

      michael j


  7. insideoutdasg says:


    Yesterday after it was decided what to do with my “wound” (gallbladder), the unviverse, simply, fell into place. Before my appointment, since the regression, my therapist self was trying to decipher specifics but now I sense that it is not needed. “Clair” did all the work. Reading your current post, unconditional love, well, that is what it is all about, isn’t it? Feeling it… showing it… bathing in it. Forgiving the attacker, forgiving yourself… that is it. Being present with your self and others in a loving way.

    Last year I attended a workshop, one of those Cross Country Education ones, given by a Dr. Albert J. LaChance… He was really just a regular guy with a simple message about unconditional love… you might find his story, his books, very interesting.

    Unconditional love is also what happens in a therapeutic relationship. When you get to that place in therapy, where you look your client in the eyes, and you are one.

    Hmmmm… lots to think about today!

    Diane at http://www.soulstrand.com


    • contoveros says:


      Is it just me, or has “unconditional love” from your words descend upon us right now?

      Sounds like you really opened your Self to it, this Divine Love:

      “. . . Feeling it… showing it… bathing in it. Forgiving the attacker, forgiving yourself … that is it. Being present with your self and others in a loving way.”

      Forgiving the attacker, forgiving yourself . . .”

      Ain’t it great to know we have such an easy access to it by simply getting the “I” out of the way? “Letting go” of the ego?

      Thanks. And good luck with your “wound.”

      People will probably think we’re crazy writing about prior life regressions, but being a “holy fool” is better than not “being” at all.

      michael j


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