Oleg guides me on a “make ‘believe’ ” path

Once upon a time . . .

  • I never met or knew anyone by the name of “Oleg.” If I heard the name in conversation, I’d conjure up someone strong as a tree and just as resilient, able to withstand the heavy winds and wildest rains, while gently offering shade to those seeking a trunk to lay a weary back upon.

I was into science fiction and remember reading of “Oleg — a giant of a . . . well, someone who wasn’t quite human. Came from a race of non-human types who lived hundreds of years before reaching adulthood. This Oleg served as a guide for the hero of the book, one whose name I forget. Oleg hardly ever slept or tired out. He’d always be on the go, but patient for the humans and other small creatures who sought his trailblazing abilities.

Seven years ago, I met an Oleg. He served in the army of the former USSR, the United State’s adversary in what we called a “Cold War” of spies and counterspies, a space race they took the lead with something called “Sputnik,” and Russian women who all seemed to have the same name — Natasha.

Oleg was a lieutenant who fought in Afghanistan. Has a wound where he was injured and medals to show for his efforts over 10 years as a soldier. Came to the USA years ago and became friends with me and my family a few years back. He and his wife, Natalie, are “good people,” and that includes their son, Nicholas, a young teen visiting his grandmother in Ukraine now as I write.

I’m On My Way . . .

Learned a lot from them about life behind the “Iron Curtain,” and got to appreciate democracy more. Even with its faults and often sluggish efforts to provide a slice of justice for all,  it’s still the best form of government I know. But, this is not about my country. It’s about the Olegs that have come into my life. Three of them at last count. There’s Oleg Number One of Plymouth-Whitemarsh, just outside my hometown of Conshohocken, PA. And then there’s Oleg, the husband of Helen T, of whom she passed some advice to me on how to deal with a wayward rooster. Put him in a cooking pot, her Oleg said!

Helen T, who resides in Russia, is a life coach. That’s what you call therapist-type folks trained to help bring out the best in people. She shares her thoughts at elenateem.wordpress.com. Her husband was the “Number Two Oleg of whom I had the fortune of becoming aware.

Number Three is a Kabbalistic teacher, another Russian who I met through the Kabbalah Center in PHILADELPHIA. He gave me a book, “Kabbalah for Beginners,” by Rav Michael Laitman, Ph.D. I see a connection with it growing in me which started “once upon a time” in a “galaxy far, far away.”

How else can I explain such a coincidence in knowing absolutely no one with the name of “Oleg” and then suddenly having three enter my life. Coincidence? Don’t believe it. It’s synchronicity, my good friends. (see Dr. Carl Jung) Where the Olegs will lead, Heaven only knows. But, I’m on my way…

6 comments on “Oleg guides me on a “make ‘believe’ ” path

  1. Starpatcher says:

    I would like to exchange links with your site contoveros.wordpress.com
    Is this possible?


  2. Helen T says:

    You have described my Oleg. Your description as ‘someone strong as a tree and just as resilient, able to withstand the heavy winds and wildest rains, while gently offering shade to those seeking a trunk to lay a weary back upon’ is exact! That’ all about him. Thanks! Unbelievable.


    • Helen T,

      That’s the description I have of the “Oleg” from the science fiction book I read. Could people kinda grow into the type of person they were named as infants?

      Did a parent see something to clue them into the type of man or woman we would eventually become?

      Helen will always mean “Helen of Troy” to me, the one whose beauty “launched a thousand ships” in ancient Greece. Have I morphed into a Michael and away from a “Mike” and the little boy once called “Mikie?”

      Just a thought or two on the name Oleg. Thanks for filling in some of the blanks.

      michael j


  3. insideoutdasg says:

    HA!! Thank you for providing a much needed distraction from my self proclaimed “day to get going”… I’ve been lost in another place connecting the past and the present… but it’s all good… the vibration of a name… and its personal meaning as to your soul’s journey… Good Vibrations (the Beach Boys greatest hits – a favorite driving CD)… It seems to me that what has happened now with my ALICE’s is an inner peace that is profound… in my current life, my work, my relationships… I had day yesterday that would normally keep me tossing and turning through the night however experienced quite the opposiste… Ahhhhhh!!!!!! inner peace… My higher self brought me to a place of, here we go again, unconditional love! I am most definately a newbie at this, just learning, at my ripe old age… the mysteries of life! (And past lives!). Claire? A funny name for a Master!
    Diane at http://www.soulstrand.com


    • contoveros says:

      Ripe old age?

      The best wines are often the ones aged to perfection. There’s nothing brand new about The Seven Wonders of the World . . . they’ve been with us, in our history, since antiquity.

      The best years of my life are ahead of me despite what the actuarial tables might predict. I plan to outlive all those youngsters and join you in a dervish whirl as we praise the powers that be and sip from that vintaged bottle to our friends, Oleg, Alice and Claire.

      Love, my dear Diane, will make us young forever more. Thanks for the vibration of your name.

      michael j


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