Pain endures from struggles in a ‘Back’ Life

The pain feels like someone thrust a spear in my back. That I was in battle. At the city of  Troy. Fighting with fellow Greeks for the foolish prize of a minor King’s run-a-way, but lovely, wife, Helen. She with a face that will launch a thousand ships.   

But a wound in the back? How can I face my family, my friends with such a disgrace? Why was it not a sword through the belly? At least that would show I faced the enemy, and not shown him my back as if I was running away. I’d rather die than receive this disgrace. Such shame from a wound that’ll never heal. No matter how many lives I might lead.   


And, that’s what got me thinking about the pain in my back today. Could it have come from battle in a former Life? Did the “healer”  who read my aura several years ago know what he was talking about when he “saw” I was a warrior in previous lives? Was I a warrior then, as well as now? That  fighting in Vietnam was nothing new for me? I don’t know. Perhaps, that is why I got this “vision” of myself helmeted with ancient rawhide breast and body “armour” while meditating this morning. I sent wave after wave of love and compassion to the pain I felt in my lower back, trying to soothe it, so that I could focus on a topic to write. But, no matter what I tried, it continued to throb. And I embraced it. Became one. And saw, perhaps, where it might have originated.   

How many battles must one fight in each Life?

 Spear in the back. With the shame such a wound would carry some 500 years before our modern age. That could explain why I’m drawn so much to the Iliad and Homer. Christ, my father’s name is Achilles. What other sign does one need?   

I became acutely aware of another “throb” pulsating with each of my heartbeats. Meditation helps one focus on minute details one tends to overlook in the present moment. I “felt” a pain in my left eye, the one with a torn retina and a cataract removed, forcing me to wear a black patch for several months. Could I have lost the eye in battle during some other Life? And what about the old scar on my left hand. Was not even 4-years-old when I fell on a jagged piece of glass beneath the boardwalk in Atlantic City. Blood gushed out, but I remember nothing else except trying to be brave when I showed it to the adult watching over me. Had I lost a hand in some war?   

My one and only Life regression indicated that I was a lowly Lord in Britain during the Middle Ages. I saw myself die from a stomach would. Was penetrated by a sword, and I saw death occur while lying against a tree in a wooded area near a meadow.   

If this, indeed, is the case, that I am suffering pains from the slings of arrows and the thrusts of weapons, then I can carry that discomfort with a better attitude. I can tell myself that I “earned” this “hurt.” It’s part of who I am, have been, and probably will be if re-incarnated in another Life, same old Soul. Just help me to remember a little better next time, Lord of the Universe.

11 comments on “Pain endures from struggles in a ‘Back’ Life

  1. Helen T says:

    Michael j,
    Very interesting story.
    Why another soul in the future? I thought that we reincarnate in different bodies but our souls stay the same.


    • contoveros says:

      Helen T,

      You are right and I corrected my Self. It is one of many corrections I should make with this Ego of mine, until altruism kicks in all the time.

      (Got a long way to go. Care to join the parade?)

      michael j


  2. blissbait says:

    Hey Michael! What a cool post. I love that this came to You in meditation. Sounds dead on to me. Your awareness may even change the channel for You, if that’s Your wish! Thank You for sharing Your Heart and Soul. Cheers and Namaste. 🙂


    • contoveros says:


      I am trying to be “open” to all that is Good, in hopes the “pull” I feel leads me to where I am to meant be.

      Not sure where that will end up, but I feel the best is still ahead. For all of us.


      michael j


  3. souldipper says:

    There’s purpose to our forgetting, Michael J. It is the very ‘thing’ that often draws us to The Source. Notice how you are now open to receiving Angels and certain insights pour in? If you have to come back again, you may not have to deal with a back problem again.


    • contoveros says:

      Soul Dipper,

      You picked a good name for what you’re now doing in Life. Mine is “Singer of Truth,” and I guess we are living in a consciousness much higher than we have ever existed before. And, all we had to do was simply open ourselves to the possibility that this Upper World wants us all to play nice and love gently.

      Watch my back though. It kinds “acts up” when the weather changes.

      Love you, my Amy Friend.

      michael j


  4. Om Warrior says:

    “if re-incarnated in another Life, another Soul. Just help me to remember a little better next time, Lord of the Universe.”

    love the perspective…possible ascension for you this go-around perhaps.. I wish you well on your journey…Love the writing and sharing.


    • contoveros says:

      Oh, if we only could ascend this time . . .But it is something to strive for. Problem is, once you try to strive, you risk losing it.

      Thank you. Good luck on your path also.

      michael j


  5. KoraKaos says:

    The Iliad is one of my favorites too 🙂 μῆνιν ἄειδε θεὰ Πηληϊάδεω Ἀχιλῆος….


    • contoveros says:

      I should have known there was something Greek about you. I felt I was visiting a Holy One from the Temple of Delphi when ever I breathed in your atmosphere.

      Wish I picked up the language from my father, who was born on the Island of Nysiros, but all I got was a craving for Feta Cheese and Ouzo.

      To your health, KoraKaos! And the party we enjoyed together in our previous lives.

      michael j


      • korakaos says:

        I guess we MUST have. Sometime we’ll do it again and enjoy some olives and bread and feta cheese on a mountain picnic. No idea what we might have done together before but it must have been something.

        Greek is a tough nut to crack… I gave up on it the first time around too XD


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