Willie, 20 years later, I still mourn you

Although you “passed on” after your 17th birthday, you’ll remain alive for me forever. I see you in my dreams. I “feel” your presence as I walk with you, watch you, and hear the footsteps on the steps leading from the dining room to the bedroom upstairs.   

You appear in the sub-conscious, along with my brother, George and my parents, who often show up in a dream. And of course, there’s my other best friend, Johnny Keller, who says little but knows so much in this “after life” that appears while I sleep. And where those who died, live on.   

I still see your “hang-dog” look when you were young and ate up half the brownies left out to cool. You got sick, but knew as soon as you saw me, that you did a “bad” thing. “Whoofing down” such rich chocolate delights and being unwilling to share with others, had I not caught you in the act.   

And the same with the pizza I left out. Should have shut the lid, but figured I was just going into another room, only to return discovering most of the cheese and half the pepperoni missing from the top of the pizza pie. Never did learn where you had snuck off to “lick your chops” after scoring such a delicacy.   

Willie. Can’t say the name without getting a little choked up. You have become the symbol in my Life for all that represents loving kindness and compassion. Even though, I was never the only one you brought joy to, I felt singled out, devoted to by you. Remember when PaPa came to visit and spend the night alone with you? You left your bed, climbed onto his, and — not content with simply lying beside him —  you “nosed” your way beneath the covers and gave him one of those “puppy dog” looks you were so good at projecting to others. All others.  

Got a portrait that memorialized you. It’s framed and hanging for all to see. The best one, however, is the one that only I can see. The one of you in my dreams.   

Willie. My best friend.   

Willie. my perpetual guide in the “Other World.”   

Unconditional Love Day In, Day Out; Dream After Dream

Willie my favorite dog.   



6 comments on “Willie, 20 years later, I still mourn you

  1. souldipper says:

    Michael J., thank you. Thank you for giving me the freedom to share this stuff that you have jiggling around in your soul as well. Elst why would you see mine?!


  2. souldipper says:

    Thank God, Michael J.! I’m so happy you had, and have loved, a Willie. I wish that for all my friends, but I am especially delighted you have known love of this degree.


    • contoveros says:


      Doesn’t everyone have a Love for a pet like Willie? He might have been God-sent.

      Correction, He was! Now, that’s what Kabbalah calls “Faith over Reason.”


      michael j


      • souldipper says:

        Ainslie MacLeod’s Guides (The Instruction) told him/me that when I was about 4 years old, a soul who had been a mother of mine in a past life (we starved to death while poisoning ourselves with bad water) was worried about a lack of love I was receiving in this life. She volunteered to come back into life as my pet dog just so she could love me a bunch. Can you imagine love of that magnitude?! When I was that age, I was given a little Border Collie (Scamp) who never left my side until I went to school. One day on my way to school, he was following me and I had to scold him to get him to go home. A car came screeching by and killed Scamp. I thought I would die too! It took me a long time to stop hating the driver – who I knew. The same soul (Kim) is one of my biggest guardian angels now. And I have not scolded or hurt another animal. Have never had cause to, either. They KNOW!


        • contoveros says:


          My whole body and soul got hugged while reading your story about Scamp. Pure, Unconditional Love. Another sentient being, in this case, a pet, can become the instrument to inspire and pull forth such love inside of each of us.

          What a gift the Creator has given us! What Love!

          You too, Amy. You’re a gift your Guides have wrapped up in ribbons and bows for all the World to enjoy. Thanks.


          michael j


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