I ‘intend’ nothing but positive bestowals

How do you explain “unexplainable” events?

You use your reason, of course. There is a rational, scientific basis for nearly everything, if you look deep enough. Right? And, what we don’t know today, some learned person will help us understand tomorrow. Or the next age of scientific discovery and advancement in Society.

But, what if there really was something totally unexplainable? What if you could not find the First Cause that Buddhists say everything can be traced back to: that there is a Cause and Condition for everything. Where did the first Cause come from? Some offer the Big Bang Theory. That our universe came into existence from some gigantic “explosion” sending energy and matter spewing out from the Center of the Galaxy, or one of many Galaxies?

What if Quantum Physics is pointing us into a different direction, one many of us are afraid to look into? The Unknown. The Unknowable. A new form of consciousness where we must first admit we don’t have all the answers, but for the sake of  Humanity, we “submit” to a Higher Force, and place “Faith Above Reason.”

When I learned that “matter,” a substance scientists can identify and classify, can change from a “wave” to a “particle” just by the effect of an “observer,” I didn’t need an Einstein to announce there are forces at work of which I don’t know, and I may never know. That our World changes constantly, and that these “changes” are influenced by each and every one of us. The idea is frightening. I’m responsible for a collective reality.

Through my thoughts and actions, I “put into play” energy that affects the entire system in which I live. The good and the bad, if you want to use such terms. I’m responsible for the negativity that permeates our World. Not all of it. Just a small part. A part that’s added to your energy, and the next guy’s energy and so on and so forth.

If that’s the case, then we have created one helluva mess, haven’t we? Fear, Anger, Envy, Sloth, Disco Music, just to mention a few of the negative stuff we impart. (OK, there may be something positive about the ’70s dance music, but only the rare angels with love and beauty among us can rise above and enjoy such painful presentations.)

Why not “beam” positive forces into the World. Send out Love. Gratitude. Peace. Compassion. And a Joyful Effort in all tasks we engage in? Smile more. Laugh from the belly. Forgive those we initially feel are offending us.

Form the intent and “become” the most benevolent person the Creator wanted us to be. Just like Himself. Surprise the hell out of Him with such an audacity that He’d have to smile and let you off the next time you slip and fall into negativity. It’ll happen. So why not store up some merits in a karmic bounce for your soul in another Time, another Place?

Or have I already done that in a previous Life, and I’m reaping the reward now? You be the judge. You be the observer.

11 comments on “I ‘intend’ nothing but positive bestowals

  1. Michal j,
    I have nothing to say. Just to think again. It often happens with me after reading your posts. You have a rare ability to appeal straight to my soul. It keeps silence all the time like the Universe. I mean it doesn’t use words only feelings. 🙂
    Thank you.


    • contoveros says:

      I see it in you, too!

      A spiritual glow? A clear moment of connection with all that is Right. But, not in a boastful or ego way. More angelic, God-like. Sometimes, I simply need to close my eyes to take it all in. And it gives me a certain type of “pleasure.” I want to pass it on to others all of my Life, and in whatever lives I might have next time.

      Glory be to Helen of T

      michael j


  2. On a similar note, just remembered this, during the Omega workshop Brian Weiss told us how one time when he was with a group waiting to meet with the Dalai Lama the conversation headed in the direction of “evil spirits”. They were discussing Exorcism… “how do you stay removed from the evil”? The Dalai Lama’s entourage laughed at the question, the answer was so plain, they said all you need to do is to be kind, compassionate, loving… THIS exists at a higher vibrational level that does not come in contact with “evil” because it does not exist where you exist. I like that! As we move towards love, kindness, compassion, (and I will add optimism), if we meet our adversaries ALWAYS on this level the energy of all that is “evil” will eventually dissipate. Hmmmm….. Diane


    • contoveros says:

      Get behind me, Satan.

      There’s no room on this level of consciousness for the likes of you.


      It works for me. So does Omega Institute!


  3. Took a break, read your post… and smiled to be reminded of THIS. You get back what you give. Why is this so hard for most to understand? I imagine that eventually all of what is good will tip the scale… and then watch out! Just a smidge of love, compassion, kindness, optimisn, headed in the right direction can make all the difference! I will pass that test, I will pass that test! Diane


  4. Oh, I really needed to read your post today. Thank you so much. Been trying to get this important point across to other members on a board to no avail. Thank you so much. I will have them read your blog.


  5. dragonflydm says:

    This is a really interesting post. I think one of the most inspiring things about the Buddha is that he had so little ego, that he was able to acknowledge that we do not know the “begining.” He would not speak of what GOD wanted (or if there was a Creator God), because he did not deal with what is unknowable.

    When people ask me in my practice, “is there a God that created the universe?” My response is always, “the more important question is why that question is important to you?”

    Ego needs to justify itself.

    (I also love the kabbalah tree of life. I studied it a bit when I was younger and interesting stuff)

    J Sumitta


    • contoveros says:

      I bow to you and the Light within. I’m seeking enlightenment while doing a Sufi Dervish whirl one moment, and studying Kabbalah the next. It is a journey of my own making. (Or am I being pulled by Forces I created through some karma in another life?) I enjoy the company I meet along this way and am learning so much from persons serving as guides like you, J Sumitta, and the Buddha who started out some 2,600 years ago. (Well, maybe 30 years, in your case!) Thanks for your insight.

      michael j


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