Attract Them to a Higher Calling in Life

Prostitute for God.    

Is it heresy to suggest such a thing?    

Can someone “entice” another to “feel” the Spiritual? To elevate one Self to a Higher World by first being attracted through physical “love” of another?    

Why not? Haven’t the priests of old done just that? In ancient times. Like in Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia. I bet there were sects in which persons, usually men, got a taste of the Almighty only after being drawn to the Temple by a virgin. A woman who planned to do just that — bring another to God or a Higher Force by way of attraction. The trick, I would daresay, would be to stay a “virgin,” or “virginal.” [“Pure,” may be a better word.] To lure them in, expose them to the teachings and basic understanding, and to move on to another in need of “coming home.” Sans sex. Sans committment. Sans fear. How could a man feel “cheated” once he has seen the Light? He’d realize “Agape Love” was at work the whole time and be filled with gratitude.    

Lisa, my new “old soul” friend, casually mentioned the term over a cup of coffee while discussing such wide topics as Pranic healing, Buddhism and Kabbalah. She brought a book written part in Hebrew for my perusal and I gave her one recently written by my Tibetan Lama. I explained the first secret of KABBALAH is to “receive” pleasure in order to “bestow.” I hope I wet her appetite, as she has done for my spiritual awakening.    

Love of Higher Self Draws Many

 “What’s wrong with being a Prostitute for God?” I asked, suddenly realizing a unique way to bring spirituality to a land seemingly devoid of it. “Let someone be attracted to the physical and show them what really counts, the spiritual.” Lisa, a very attractive young woman can easily attract people. She has a simplicity about her that is charming, and at the same time, disarming. Until she gets her points across. Like her beliefs of an oncoming major shift in the attitude of the world — a spiritual one — with the coming of the Winter Solstice in the Year 2012. I defer to her knowledge, and listen enraptured like a puppy dog, willing to follow her lead for what ever Joy I can find and/or learn.    

I trust her. I know that one serving in such a capacity — drawing others to a higher consciousness by way of physical —  must have a staunch ethical foundation. To be ready to put on the brakes if or when the “drawn-in” party wants more physicality than practicality, ie., the “teachings” of whatever sage the guide might be directing one toward. There should be little or no consummation unless the actual spiritual practice allows for such right action and both parties know of the consequences, and responsibilities, such a close connection may require.    

So, ladies and gentlemen. Develop a strong ethical code and start to wet the appetite of someone who finds you attractive. You could be what Destiny has planned for them.    

As well as for You!

4 comments on “Attract Them to a Higher Calling in Life

  1. souldipper says:

    Good to hear of another person who trusts in the messaging we are all receiving – the Shift of Consciousness, the Transformation, etc. So many names, one meaning. Way to go, Lisa. The effects are showing already. Look at this post! Thank you, Michael J.


    • contoveros says:


      I’m finding more and more of this kind of messaging as those who trust in me open up and tell me of their hopes for the new age. Disasters? No. Not if you’re simply talking about turning the whole World upside down with Love at the top!

      Winter Solstice, hear me call your Name! Look Out 2012, here comes Amy, Lisa and me!

      michael j


        • contoveros says:

          I wonder . . . is it too early to start making plans for that wonderful period in 2012?

          Nothing elaborate. The Millerites of the 1830s sat on their rooftops waiting to be taken into a heaven that never materialized in the corporeal sense. So, I don’t want to do that.

          Maybe pick a color to wear. That’s it. Run a contest to see which one the faithful should wear, the shade, the hue. Sell T-shirts a year ahead of schedule. Make a bundle of money and put it all on the worst commodity at the New York Stock Exchange. When everything else goes down, our investment would look pretty good at its low, but stable, value.



          michael j


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