St. Michael strikes and heals all at once

I felt like Alice falling in the hole after chasing a White Rabbit. But, falling “upwards” defying the laws of Gravity and Rational Sense.

I tumbled like piece of cloth in a gigantic dryer, turning clockwise as a powerful force of air tossed and warmed me. Was this another dimension? A parallel Universe? Or another Reality I’m seeing for the first time in my Life? A mandola of beatific colors and ancient shapes crosses my eyes. Not sure if it’s in front or behind me. The Buddhist artwork spun in the same clockwise motion, slowing to where I made out some details. A snake, a pig and a rooster all chasing the other’s tail around and around, eventually giving way to humans and to gods who wished to be as humans in order to ascend to a level unreachable by their kind.

A council of seven surrounded me, according to Tracie Nichols,  Alchemy for the Earth, an “intuitive,” who speaks for Gaia’s Earth. The council is keeping me out of “trouble,” and free from harm. It is watching over me.

St. Michael the Archangel joined the council, Tracie said. I feel blessed, honored and in awe of such company. And thank this extraordinary Speaker of the Earth for revealing this to me.  

Tracie has guided four of us gathered In New Britain, PA , 20 miles out of Philadelphia, in seeking our inner passions. Passions to use gifts we carry within. This loving “seer” sees a “pattern” of intricate designs and colors in one young woman; she sees another possessed with a soothing “quiet speech” I believe only a “counsel of rocks” (crystals) could offer. Lastly, Tracie divines a new direction for one who aides lost souls, a “soul walker,” I believe she called her. Meditating before a Large Crystal, Tracie communes with Spirits, at times somberly, then laughs with gusto as she advises each of us how to rediscover what was already within.

I, my dear White Rabbit, have “nothing” to do, according to Tracie. Except to simply “Be.” Do nothing, but be who I am. Right now. She said I’ve found what I sought, and can now simply “be” with what I was seeking. Oh, I’ll still meditate, prostrate myself at the Buddha’s knees, and find the Creator in KABBALAH‘s Upper Worlds. That’s not to change. I’ll continue studying what the holy ones have passed down, and bow to the Dalai Lama as well as to an Imam, a priest or priestess, and to the Light I see in seekers along the Journey.

It’s just that I am ready to put “faith over reason,” to believe in a feeling — a realization — of a reality that may conflict with logic. Tracie indicated that it was in the “illogic” that we can find the many truths. Truths about ourselves, our Higher Self, even Enlightenment.

St Michael is no Catholic creation, she said. The person is not even a male, or a human, or even a “person.” Michael is the enbodiment of strength and power to assist both in battle and in healing as we walk this precious Earth.

Look out World, here comes a crazy Greek possessed with more Divine Madness. I raise a sword of correction in one hand, and a healing salve of Love in the other, with Michael’s help.

8 comments on “St. Michael strikes and heals all at once

  1. Michael,
    WOW! Thank you for your post this morning as I leave for my “exam adventure“. I feel you have written it just for me. Isn’t that the way it always is (for all of us)? It is good to have the Alice connection refreshed in me (my soul group) and also St. Michael who has been one of my personal guides (lucky me) for the past few years.
    Just Keep on Being!


    • contoveros says:


      I hope you felt good vibes with the exam. I feel you will master anything you set your mind to. As well as your heart!

      Have we met before? Were you ever in Bolivia? How about the Netherlands? Austria?

      Oh well, at least we’ll always have Paris.

      michael j
      Here’s looking at you kid!


  2. Liara Covert says:

    Karma is an instant result when one does something kind that shares the energy of a positive mind.


    • contoveros says:


      When I calm myself and share with Tracie Nichols, I feel an opening to such energy. It’s contageous!

      It seems you have that ability within your Self, too. Thanks for sharing.

      michael j.


  3. souldipper says:

    Michael J. What a joy! You who are ever blossoming. It makes me ache for the type of connections you have in your urban lifestyle. Then I remember that we are all given what we need to understand ourselves.

    Thanks for sharing your journey. – Amy


    • contoveros says:

      I feel like I’m riding a roller-coaster of spirituality, continually ascending higher and higher. I know the drop will come when I’ll need my “faith over reason” even more. But, what is Life without a few thrills and chills.

      thanks, Amy

      michael j


  4. Michael, it’s always a joy to have your presence at a gathering! Journeying with you and the “other” Michael last night was humbling and reassuring and just plain amazing.



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