Amy, you smile & I find pure paradise!

Thank You Amy. Let the Good Times Roll!

Now, what should I do? Ask my teenage son, Nicholas, what the object on the left actually is?

He’d say “The best musical award you ever got.” Well, actually, the only one. But, who’s counting?

And, what can a man seeking humble roots get out of producing it on his Blog? Recognition? Fame? Fortune?

How about “rebirth?” To arise from the fire like a Phoenix returning to life in and from the ashes and embers. Renewed. Revitalized. Re-Born!

To return from Nothing to higher degree of Nothingness, but with a better understanding of Life from when he left to see a world “within” and look after an insecure child. A child some called “overly sensitive,” the one whose feelings got hurt too easily. The one that needed to be alone in order share his Self — his whole Self with no holds barred — with the rest of the madcap world, particularly the most beautiful person in the Western Hemisphere, that lovely Canadien, Amy.

Or is it “Canadian?” No matter which way you spell it, it says I love you.”


Soft as the April snow
Lovely as indigo
You only kissed me
and paradise smiled
and the man was a child
and the wind was+ so wild.

here’s what I mean++ to say
Love me
If only for today +++
Let me know April and indigo blue
and let paradise smile for me, too.


here’s what I mean++ to say
Love me
If only for today +++

Let me know April and indigo blue
and let paradise smile for me, too.

— Bobby Darin

+ also sung as “blew”
++ also sung as “tryin'”
+++ also sung as “a day”

Let me know April and indigo blue, and let paradise smile for me, too.

I love you” Plays the song when a mouse clicks it. Try it!)

8 comments on “Amy, you smile & I find pure paradise!

  1. *smile*

    You are such a sweet man.

    This music (and the genre) plays often in my house (mostly when I am cooking – apron on – and singing along)

    I spend a lot of time in the kitchen *laughs*

    I should look like a whale instead of a sparrow…

    I’m looking up Kevin Spacey btw.



  2. souldipper says:

    Michael J., I am completely flummoxed.

    I wrote a response to you, thanking you and letting you know that I had never heard this song before.
    It really is a great piece of music. Much better than any other song with my name in it.

    Eg: A-meeee Whatcha gonna do?

    Of course, the video explains that the film didn’t exactly cut a swath through the path to movie houses. So no wonder the song was obscured.

    I ended my comment with something like “see you in Abilene” – a play on the movie’s title.

    Two things: Where did my response to you go? It’ not here~! Perhaps you didn’t accept it which I accept if that is the case. If not, please know that I did respond because I was deeply touched by this post.

    The other matter, I cannot pull up the “Pay it Up” on my post. It simply is not there. When I go to my dashboard and click on it, I get some weird message about doing a refile or something.

    So if you are slighted by my silence, I was not silent.

    Interesting turn of events. Shows me this…I do appreciate having you in my blogging life and I hope you are not pulling away. Your path is so wonderful.


    • contoveros says:

      Don’t know about any gliches in the system, but am glad you liked the song. I’ve been singing it several days now and women keep asking me “who’s this Amy?”

      I don’t know if it’s the song or the thought of you that brings peace to my soul. Maybe both. But, it helps me reach a higher level of consciousness when I meditate while the song is playing in my head.

      michael j


  3. A beautiful and fun tribute to Amy! On a different note… have you seen the movie about Bobby Darin, Sea of Love, with Kevin Spacey?… Lot’s of memorable music! The musical Jersey Boys too, about the Four Seasons, another good listen! We are most definately from the same era, Michael! Diane


    • contoveros says:


      Bobby Darin will lie forever. At least as long as I live and breathe on this Earth.

      Saw the movie and enjoyed Kevin Spacey singing Darin. Spacey was influenced by his mother, a big Bobby Darin fan.


      michael j


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