Walk a Labyrinth full with love & no desire

All I want to do, is give. Not take. 

Give without seeking a thing in return. Oh, I’ll get pleasure out of the deal. But, I’ll put a lid on it. Screen out the joy that can overwhelmingly fill me, and direct the bulk of that feeling to another. Deflect it to one needing nurturing that only a mother’s love could offer her youngest child. A beloved mother that listens attentively, never interrupting when all a youngster really wants is for someone to “be there” and let them open their soul and reveal the hurts, the sorrows the pains. 

Let me hold your hand, guide you through the Labyrinth of Life, and show you the way to the center of your Being. Unclothe yourself, cast away the gowns you were forced to wear by the ways of the World, and return as that kid in awe of the Light, the Sounds, the pure ecstasy of touch, taste and smell. Grow without ravages of your broken family, a divorce of not only a husband and wife — your mother and father — but a shattering of what family was always meant to be but never materialized beyond the Ozzie and Harriet Nelson family, and Ward and June Cleaver where Father Knows Best on yesterdays’ television. Families became more raucous, like Ozzy and the other Osbourne’s. Fifty percent or more split, taking toll on seven-year-olds trying to sort out their affection for upcoming holidays where mom and dad will never be together again except in a dream. What to do, my poor child?  

Let me lay my cape across the perils on the path where you step. Show you a calm and a peace that exists outside of this World. Did I say “Outside?” No. Inside, actually. The place where the Creator performs the greatest miracles. Within you. You can reach it, but it’ll cost you. 

Labyrinth Walking Wakens the Wisdom Within

 Some of your attachments. The ones you think you can’t live without, but have become like an albatross around your Ancient Mariner neck where I-pods, Cable programming and video games demand the groom’s attention. “Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink” as we miss most of Life living an illusion of Society’s making. With our consent, our sign-on-the-bottom line contract agreement to want what everyone else wants at the price of Who You Really Are. 

Let me open you to a world where dreams do come true, where everyday can have a happy ending. Where you will find the pot at the end of the rainbow that you’ve been searching for in all in the wrong places. You already have the key to open the treasure box. All you gotta do is “let go” of the old way, and “surrender” the baggage. Get a claim check should its grasp on you prove too strong and you must pick it up. 

Awaken the Love in You. The Pure. The forgiven Child who forgives all trespasses. A new you is but a breath away. 

Now, inhale. Slowly. Take it in. Feel My Love. Let go. This Love will surround You always. And forever! 

Simply open to your true self, Your Higher Self.

12 comments on “Walk a Labyrinth full with love & no desire

  1. “There’s no place like Home”…

    It was right there all along….but we have to take the journey anyway, don’t we? To find ourselves, right where we started, but with Wisdom, gained.


    • contoveros says:

      Speaking of wisdom gained. You have found your stride and are becoming a sage among us.

      No place like home. Thank you my Spirited Soul.

      michael j


      • michael j!
        I can’t believe I have just now found where your replies end up on my computer…all those sweet words of encouragement…just hanging out, playing hide and seek…waiting for me to discover them/you. So special, even a month or so later. There’s no time-limit on good vibes. 🙂

        The problem is, I only have access to the computer every so often (long story), so I rely on my iphone mostly…and it has the nerve to with hold information for me! Or I could also say, I gets it when I needs it!

        In Gratitude,
        Maggie B.


  2. souldipper says:

    And it is good.


    • contoveros says:

      I bet you say it to all the fellows after spending time with ’em.

      But thanks, Amy.

      Still working around confidence issues after stating names of people, a few who might have felt an invasion of privacy from my writing. Hell, I’m a journalist by trade and an historian by a Master’s Degree training. Facts help the next generation of researches who will have an easier task when names, dates and locations are specified.

      I see my kind of writing as “cutting edge” with reality bites thrown in to keep everyone honest.

      michael j,
      still seeking what he thought was solid ground.


  3. contoveros says:

    He’s back!


    • Viv says:

      labyrinth is one of my fave films of all time.


      • contoveros says:

        Now I gotta watch Sting in action, not to mention that Jennifer Connelly girl!


        • Viv says:

          It was David Bowie but I can see the confusion: “Dont stand so close to me!”


          • contoveros says:

            Crap! And, here I was trying to show off my musical knowledge which pretty much ended with the last Doo Wop song and the death of Bobby Darin.

            Thanks Viv. Is this the one that has a fellow named Tom Cruise in it? I could look it up, but . . . I feel safe with you knowing this stupid side of me.

            Love ya!

            michael j


            • Viv says:

              The only stupid question is the one you never ask.
              No, no Tom Cruise. he did star as a very young actor in a similarly themed film which was truly awful.
              Bowie is the only big guy here.
              And I have very little musical knowledge; despite spending a year as a roadie for a not successful rock band, I really don’t get the music scene at all and rely on my students to stop me turning into a grumpy old fossil!!!


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