Living with passion; name your 5 favorites

What are your passions in life? List five areas, and describe what quality of energy and joy that passion brings out in you.– –Deepak and Oprah Meditation Experience

Writing is my number one passion. “Loving people”  is another, if you can include such an activity as a  passion. Getting people to laugh and feel good about themselves is a third passion that I enjoy. Seeking and trying to understand another form of spiritually is a fourth passion, one I’d love to do any hour of the day or night. I guess you could say I’m becoming more passionate about  combining all of them into one big passion, one I’d apply to life as long as I could. Continue reading

Getting a good last laugh is so laudable

Despite always having a smile on my lips and a laugh at my tongue, I found it hard to think of anything to write about for the latest meditation round for Oprah and Deepak. That is, until I picked up my son at work this evening and we joked and laughed until I almost did you know what in my pants. It hurt so much that I started crying, that’s how good it was and how great it felt to just let it all come out in front of one of his 22-year-old buddies and our 25-year-old female traveling companion.

Here was the latest question:
What are the surefire ways to get you laughing? Comedies, jokes, YouTube videos? Write down all the situations that encourage you to laugh, and then make a point of doing one of those every day to get you laughing.

The joke I shared was a “guy” thing having to do with Planned Parenthood building in which I asked if they sold condoms there. Not just any size of the birth control device, but the extra-large super-size ones. My son said they wouldn’t fit him. He needed a trash bag-size to fit his uh, well; we didn’t go there . . . frankly . . . because we couldn’t talk anymore through the raucous laughter we caused to erupt throughout the car drive to his friend’s house  . . .

Continue reading

Recalling childhood angels with dirty faces

I can think of no worse place to be than in a church, a temple or a synagogue when an unbidden and involuntary giggle would invade my psyche and take control of me. A “giggle,” is too mild a word: uncontrollable laughter would rise to the level of guffaws and downright knee-slappers’ right at the most somber parts of a religious service. Continue reading