Science Supports the Law of Attraction

If you didn’t know it by now, science supports the claims made by Abraham about the Law of Attraction and how it could help revitalize your life from this moment on.

That’s the word I got attending a workshop when a physicist met with Esther Hicks and explained how aligning with the Source, rather than resisting it, is based on the law of physics. “We knew that,” Abraham said speaking through Esther Hicks. Undaunted, the young man of science said that he realized it only after studying what the Law prescribes for all mankind. Align yourself with what you truly want in life and keep positive thoughts on achieving your heart’s desire. If you can imagine that happiness your achievement will provide, start with feeling that happiness now. Don’t wait for a result. Feel it in your gut, yor marrow, your very soul.

Feel Love. Feel Abundance. Feel Peace. Feel it Now!

It will come to you sooner than later. And  by following a path of least resistance, it will manifest all that sooner.

The young man, a native of India, had appeared at the Vortex, a meeting workshop held in Philadelphia this past weekend. He wanted the entire world to know that the Law of Attraction is scientifically-based, particularly his fellow scientists, most of whom doubt anything they can’t prove with equations and mathematical formulas. “They will be more open to what you have to offer,” he said from the “hotseat” while addressing Esther Hicks.

Abraham said the message about the Source of Energy is for everyone, and not just the few numbers of scientists who accept these truths only inch-by-inch, and move ever so slowly in the process of assimilation. “My message is for the many and not just the few,” Abraham said through Esther Hicks.

I felt blessed to be among the many to hear those words. Now all I have to do is apply them while learning more of this offering from the Source.

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