Breaking the habit of an unwanted self

I shed twelve pounds in less than six weeks.

Can you believe it?  I did it by visualizing myself getting into a shirt I haven’t worn since I put extra weight on. It’s part of a course I took entitled “Tap Into Your Genius” and is based on the teachings of a Dr. Joe Dispenza.

It deals primarily with meditation, but requires you to not only see yourself in the mode you want to be, but to live it as if it has already occurred. I chose three things to “focus” on. Getting a book on the Vietnam War published, cleaning my house and getting rid of the weight that has piled up over the years.

I’ll be attending a conference in April to help choose an agent for my book. It’s already written and all I need is a venue to publishing it. I also dug out the old vacuum cleaner and propped it up in my living room just waiting for me to get motivated and see the house clean again with new friends stopping over a glass or two of  wine. But getting rid of the weight has me a true believer. I committed myself to this new process on day one and saw me get into a shirt-sleeve shirt I hadn’t worn since 2008 when I travelled to Greece.

It’s a black shirt with letters spelling out “Motley Crue,” the name of a heavy metal band I never got into, but loved the feel of the shirt. It is the shirt I am wearing in the mug shot for this Blog site!



A new you infused by your mind 

I got weighed at the VA Hospital in Philadelphia nearly six weeks ago. After meeting with instructors Joanne Beattie and Paul Anne Sabharwal, I learned a new method of meditating. They played a CD with Joe Dispenza guiding us. You take inhalations as if we were slowly sipping air through your nostrils with a straw. When you get air at the top, you hold it and kind of push toward the Crown Chakra.

It was tough at first. I had a lousy cold and felt I’d cough out all the good air. But my lungs held the breath and slowly let it out until Joe demanded we do it again.

“C’mon” he’d coax us. He was like a mixture of a long lost friend and mean drill sergeant. But I persevered. I “sucked in” the breath and held it. And then I did it again and again.

The exercise ended soon, but not before Dr. Joe focused our attention on parts of the head  — the eyes, the nose, the lips. He suggested we view them in space. With lots of volume surrounding them. It was cool seeing my eyes kind of drifting in front of my skull. It was nothing more than “visualization,” a practice that Tibetan Buddhist practitioners have been offering the Western World since the  14th Dalai Lama was forced to flee Tibet and teach us from his home in India.

I got rid of the extra pounds by eating fruits and vegetables and swimming three times a week. I make salads with lots of cheese, anchovies and onions, but eat only half the bowl while saving the rest for the next day. I also stopped eating a bunch of candy. Today I got weighed at the VA Hospital and was surprised at the progress I made.

I feel great and people say I look good. I saw myself in a public mirror yesterday, and I gotta tell you. I look younger. Joe Dispenza’s  formula works. Give it a try.

Getting clear on you intention by Joe Dispenza — (click here!)



2 comments on “Breaking the habit of an unwanted self

  1. Congrats, Michael J, you handsome devil you. You’ve got some powerful visualization skills going on there. Hey, if you visualize me in the size 6 jeans I used to wear, do you think I’ll fit in to them by summer?


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