Always Look Within, To Now See Outside

A long red light usually gets on my nerves while sitting in traffic, but time went so quick just now. I’m exploring the world of a Mystic. And fit right in.

Rain began falling just a few minutes earlier, as I drive from a Meditation Center in Ambler on way to my home in Conshohocken, PA. I see without windshield wipers. My mind is clear of thoughts. I’ve chanted a meditation for nearly 10 minutes before arriving at Germantown Ave., where a 200-year-old faded stone milestone announces I’m 14 miles outside of Philadelphia. 

I see not only raindrops forming on the glass windshield, but a mosaic of colors. My eyes kinda “shift” and I focus not on the far distance some 20 to 30 feet away, but the formation of the multiple small water collections dotting the glass less than two feet from my face. 

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Sa-Ta-Na-Ma contains five primal sounds of the universe. The a sound is the fifth sound. This chant tunes in to the cycle of creation and the universal self. -- @"wisesacredjourney"

My God, what a spectacular appearance! Like a subdued rainbow with bits of nearly every color reflecting from the dark gray-blue road, green trees, red light, and yellow signs. Each show up and “twinkle” as I move my head closer to the windshield. I want nothing more out of life than to be alive in this moment enjoying this wonderful display of the Universe. 

I had meditated with a chant taught me just a few minutes earlier by a friend I had jokingly called “my teacher,” when she showed our Tuesday morning group at the Resiliency Center how to commune with our Higher Self. Marianne, a psychologist, who has attended the twice-a-week meditations with me the past two months, presented the technique. It’s called “Sa-Ta-Na-Ma-Meditation.” 

You chant the syllables “sa, ta, na, ma,” while forming your fingers onto your thumb one at a time, starting with the index finger. “Sa” represents “Birth,” “Ta,” Life,” “Na, “Death, and “Ma,” “Rebirth. You chant each syllable while drawing out the sound and touching your thumb first with an index finger saying “Saaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . .;” “Taaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . .” for the middle finger; “Naaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . .” the ring finger; and “Maaaaaaaaaaaaaa . . . “ for the pinky. 

My vision — or call it my consciousness — shifts while at that red light. I can “blur” the “real” view of the traffic light, by relaxing myself deeply and looking more “softly” at the world in front of me. It’s like seeing a unicorn hidden in one of those “Eye” Pictures with unrecognizable forms and shapes until you “see” the a part of the “image” from your peripheral vision, and are able to slightly shift the focus to take in the entire picture. 

That’s exactly what is happening during these long seconds I sit resting and meditating at this roadway. I see the “Big Picture.” I “sense” the image that’s meant for me, for you, for all of us, if we but “let go” of our old way of seeing things, and focus with new eyes, a new vision, a new outlook. 

Be conscious of the road and travellers around you. But remember the reason you are on this path. Look within. To see outside. SaTaNaMa.

2 comments on “Always Look Within, To Now See Outside

  1. contoveros says:

    Did not know what I was doing with the raindrops on my windshield and my “view” from the peripheral vision of my eyes. But, learned from a new member of the HSP (Highly Senstive Person) group, Julie, who introduced us to a Hawaian meditative technique some two weeks later.

    It surfaced in me with Sa Ta Na Ma.

    Guess good things are all connected deep inside. Just got to know when to let go to “let it go”.

    michael j


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