Writing clears up the ‘clogged up’ space


Writing opens my sinuses. 

Well, not really. But it does open an awareness through a part of my body that seemed to have been “clogged up” or “stuck” just a few seconds before I started to put ideas out for someone to see on paper. 

I feel I’ve “straightened out” something that was not fully perceptible, if you can understand that. 

 Writing has made me feel I have reached an under-standing with myself. That I have gotten a point across that needed to be made, even if it was simply to myself and no one else. 

Crazy. I guess that’s what you’d call this type of inward “skyping.” 

michael j

Photo Copyright @ writingyou.org 
For more, see safetycomfort — writing-tool-healing

2 comments on “Writing clears up the ‘clogged up’ space

  1. mittaipink says:

    Know that feeling. And understand it so perfectly. You said it so well, Michael.


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