Meditate and it will ‘erase’ all but the Now


You tell me you wish that we could have an eraser in our lives to go back and “erase our mistakes.”  

Over and over and over. Because we tend to make the same mistakes repeatedly.  

 Meditation can “erase” a lot.  

Mistakes can disolve if we take the plunge


I focus on the present. Gently nudge out thoughts of yesterday and the future, and try to keep my senses on the “now.” I listen to sounds, feel the chair beneath my legs and butt, as well as my hands on my lap and the air around me. I let the itch remain “unscratched” and it goes away.  

Mistakes don’t seem to matter. At least when I ease myself  into the moment and away from the chattering nabobs of negativism. All disolve, drift away.   

I “flow” with my breath, following it in and out of my nostrils, “feeling” it in the upper front part of my skull, all the time “forgiving” myself for not meeting my expectations and/or making the plans for tomorrow. The “Divine” in me grants absolution without the “Hail Marys” and the “Our Fathers.”  

And I go and sin no more.  

Until the next couple of breaths.  

 And, I do it all over again!   

michael j  

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6 comments on “Meditate and it will ‘erase’ all but the Now

  1. lidiascher says:

    Great post, Michael!I’ll read it to my group tonight!
    Love the meditating bear 🙂


    • The bear made a mistake in choosing this ice cap to meditate upon. It shrunk. Now, the bear has to “let go” and take the plunge, seeking a new path along his journey to the heavenly fish and game reserve,

      michael j


  2. Ruby Cantu says:

    meditation is an art form I need to work on…I’m working on it, thank you Michael.


    • Sometimes “letting go” of working on it can be beneficial.

      A mindfulness meditation teacher once told me two things are helpful in the practice.
      “Don’t try,” and ‘don’t judge.”

      michael j


  3. Christina says:

    We all need those cleansing breaths to heal ourselves!


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