‘Open your eyes’ to journey of Lifetime

 The snake slithered along the bed of the forest, winding its way beneath a pine tree. Climbing upwards, it twirled around the trunk, moving ever so slowly, centimeter after centimeter as it sought the “higher ground” where it could shimmy onto a tree branch and make its way closer to my eye level.

There it was. My “power animal.” The one I entered the spirit realm to discover more of myself and my so-called guide. I didn’t care for him. He was a snake, for Christ sake. Tempter of Eve, manipulator or all manipulators who was commanded by God Himself to forever crawl on his belly because of his part in getting two human beings ejected from Eden. What’s there to like about one of his kind?

Transforming Images

But, then the snake took on a different form. Still a reptile, it wound its body around a staff-like pole. You know, the one that doctor’s have as a symbol to help all persons in need of care. Might be called a “Rod of Asclepius,” or a “Caduceus.”

The snake worked its charm on me. Felt more comfortable with him, knowing he would assist in bringing comfort to others through what Buddhist ask all to do with “loving kindness and compassion.”

The next thing I know, I was transported to the Middle Ages with trumpets blaring and banners of all colors flowing in the winds. Oh, I forget to mention. I was on a Shamanic journey. Five of us Highly Senstive Persons (HSPs) from the Philadelphia area got together Friday for a trip  within led by a woman who was herself a Shaman in a previous life. She brought shakers to shake, sage to burn, and gave us papers to write our thoughts immediately upon coming out of our journey into the “Lower World.” Shamans tell us there are three worlds one can visit, the lower, the upper, and I think the middle, or the present where one can kinda transport his or her spirit on our real-time plane.

After our “space” was cleared of any bad spirits with the burning of the sage, we were instructed to visualize a hole in the trunk of a tree. It’s better if you can focus on a real one, which I did, having read a book and was on the look-out for such an “entry” door. Had no idea the trunk in a tree I saw on Butler Pike between Ambler and Conshohocken, PA, was going to play such a prominent role.

Couldn’t get into it. The visualiztion trick, not the tree. Well, actually, the tree, also. Never did anything like this. Could not see the texture of a wall I was asked to look at. Damn. Couldn’t even see a wall. But, I didn’t quit, and just as I “let go” I found myself coming out of a long tunnel, and “seeing‘ the exit hole behind me. Looked like a Hobbit hole, but one big enough for two or three guys to walk through abreast.

Backing up, I saw a forest with lots of greenery. So many trees, I felt I was outside the land of OZ where you’d expect trees to start talking to you and throwing red apples your way. Brown pine cones covered the ground beneath a tree. I could smell the richness of grass and the pine as if dew had just settled.

That’s when I saw movement. A slithering on the ground which I paid no attention to at first, until I looked up and saw the snake twirling itself around a branch, awaiting my undivided attention. This was my power animal, the one that will guide me in the lower world? But, I don’t like snakes! Don’t think they like me, either.

Didn’t have time to anquish over the partnership. We were paired up, and I felt the snake open up a valley where troubadoors sang and minstrels played harps and other musicial instruments. Music sounded from everywhere, behind every bush, tree and small stream in this spacious land of my mind. Soon, ladies and their lords rode by me on some of the strongest and largest horses I ever seen! All covered with colorful clothes; some with matching head gear. These were the horses, I’m talking about. You can just imagine what the lords and ladies were decked out in.

Open Your Eyes, Sir King!

And there came the king. Riding alone while raising his hand in a kingly gesture to assure his subjects that all was well in the land he ruled. But, he wasn’t really a king. More like a Prince John from the days of Robin Hood. He was a usurper, one who tried to capture the crown while his brother, Richard the Lion-Hearted, was held prisoner in some Moorish jail near Jerusalem and the cite of the latest crusade.

I became a doctor to the Prince. An advisor. One who could ride along side of this man, of whom I was wary and could not trust. We talked. I planted an idea in his mind. Suggested that what he was presenting to the people was not for their good. That there was a better way for all to live. That he needed to “open his eyes” to see it. I knew the path he should take, But, in order for the rest of humanity to follow, the one in power must realize this Truth himself. He must see reality without the blinders imposed by the make-believe world.

Come back,” I heard a voice call gently. “Return to the tunnel.” It was our Shaman recalling us to our world. I found the entrance and zipped right through, rememberng subconsciusly to “bring back” the rod or staff the snake had changed into. All was part of a dream, the creation of, perhaps, an imaginative mind. But, I am using that staff right now to bring you this tale for all to remember to “open your eyes.” There is another reality to live in and with out.

10 comments on “‘Open your eyes’ to journey of Lifetime

  1. verewig says:

    Love it! Yes, the snake has also lead me on some great adventures.



  2. korakaos says:

    Love it 🙂 I wish I could share so much!


    • contoveros says:

      You have shared so much already, korakaos. By going within, you have shown others how to go with out.

      That’s no small thing in this Life . . .

      michael j
      one with the snake


  3. souldipper says:

    Michael j. you astound me. There’s no half-measures with you! What a fabulous description of one unforgettable journey. And you know what “charms” (couldn’t resist) the Hooded Cobra out of me? I’m sure we met! I was Richard-the-Lion-Hearted’s right hand man, according to a darned good psychic! Richard used to get perturbed with me because I indulged a little too heavily in quaffing the ales and chasing the damsels, but apparently he would not do a thing without my presence being securely established. I just know that when Richard returned to claim his throne, you and I looked at each other, and grinned knowingly while the two brothers fisty-cuffed it out! Once that was finished, I probably talked you into showing me where the action was!

    And I really love how the snake did charm you! Had your little musical-noted heart by it’s ventricle!

    – Amy


    • contoveros says:


      You made my day with your recall of a previous life. I can see us hanging out, drinking and “courting‘ the damsels in distress back in Merry Ole England. After a fight, of course.

      Glad you liked this. Felt there was a message in it for those who remained locked in little worlds of reality, when there is such a bigger, wider world in which to live, once we “let go” of our egos and try to be altruistic.

      This might have been that previous life I recalled during my one and only regression, when I found myself living in England as a low-level lord of a manor. Maybe I was a physician to boot!

      Open Your Eyes, Everyone. We have an ambassodor from the King of England with us. Sir Amy, the Soulddipper!

      michael j


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