Obstacles to German retreat removed now

I feel like the character in a comic strip who has had a cloud over his head with nothing but calamities and obstacles blocking his every move. No matter what he did, he’d be thrown off stride, be it from a torrential rainfall or an avalanche along a sunshine-filled pathway.

It all started when I got my plane ticket to attend a 10-day retreat in the Black Forrest  section of northern Germany. One thing after another fell onto my path and I felt I was being cursed. Job from the Bible came to my mind, and I really believed that I was being tested by someone challenging the power of the Almighty.

Signing up to attend the retreat from March 9th through the 19th, the obstacles first started to show up at home. A water pipe leaked and I got the services of a handyman through a friend. He dug several holes, but what I believed to be a one or two day job, stretched over more than a week. I have been without water and heat ever since.

The electricity then went on the blink. It had something to do with a wire being “grounded” to a pole connected to the water main. I didn’t understand any of this, but I found there was no juice for a space heater. No stove to cook on, no hot water for tea or coffee.

Next, my computer would not turn on. The television soon followed suit and I’ve been unable to see the latest segment of “the Walking Dead” with my 23-year-old son. I’m lucky I have a library card to tell my story with . . .


Erasing all obstacles to my spiritual journey to Germany

But what really got to me was when I tried to get a train ticket from Frankfort to Frieburg, Germany. I lost contact with one Lufthansa receptionist. Another told me there was no connections between the two cities.

Then the power in my phone faded and the next person on the line couldn’t hear what I was saying. Something — somewhere — was trying to sabotage my trip. Something — somewhere — was blocking me, perhaps from shedding light on the shadow side of my personality that wants to remain hidden in the dark.

Dr. Judith Miller, one of the presenters of the “transpersonal breathwork” advised me that forces beyond our understanding often try to prevent personal progress. Some energy wants to halt the growth, to stop the spiritual advancement. I don’t think it is anything evil or a demon realm. But it could just be testing me . . . to see if I can handle the pressure now before flying off into the unknown later for a bigger challenge.

Well. I’m hear to tell the Universe that nothing short of war and Donald Trump winning the Republican nomination for president will keep me from going. No obstacle will impede my journey, no fear or threat will force me to back out.


Shortly after my “shout out” to the Universe, I finally got my “flight-rail” ticket and I plan to embark next week for a Symposium with a Russian Shaman from Siberia. Then an American woman from Haverford, PA,  will join forces with a German man from the Frankfurt area to lead me to the promise land.

I can’t wait to join in together with ’em!

13 comments on “Obstacles to German retreat removed now

  1. Gloria P. says:

    Sounds like a run of bad luck…….. Wow!
    Enjoy your trip. It may be just what you need to reset and move on to spring and a warm, smooth welcome home.


    • contoveros says:

      Ah shucks, Gloria.

      I just hope I get energized enough to return to the Padre Pio shrine in Barto, PA, and see your glorious person. I miss you and the warm uplifting feelings I get whenever I visit outside the Pottstown/Boyertown area.

      I’m in Germany right now March 4th, 2016 (six hour time difference). Obstacles are still being tossed along my path but I hope to hang in there and see it to the end.

      Michael J


  2. Joe Moore says:

    Mike…as I knew you then….Not sure how I stumbled onto this site/page/?…Not sure I should continue, after all it has been… by my count… 44 years since last we saw/knew one another in a time & place called DCCC. And you may not recall. Glad to know you are well.


    • contoveros says:

      Joe Moore,

      I’ll never forget the April fools addition we did for the college newspaper, the communitarian.

      You had a dog lifting one of its hind legs being on the masthead.

      I still get a pain down in the lower end of my body whenever I think of you cutting it out with your cutting device. I’ll never forget the plaque that you and the other guys gave me to the “garrulous Greek.”

      Yeah, I guess it has been around 40 some years. We have to stay in touch and get together.

      Michael J, now in Conshohocken


  3. Unrelenting!! Go get’em tiger!! Looking forward to reading about this adventure upon your return!!


    • contoveros says:

      The journey continues . . .

      I can’t wait to return and put onto paper (or rather, the computer screen) some of my recollections of a wonderful experience!

      Michael J, an explorer of the mind

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  4. Terri says:

    Congrats, Michael. You passed the test and the Universe has provided. You are a resilient soul! I am so excited for you! You must tell all about your journey when you return. Peace, Terri


    • contoveros says:

      Yes, I do feel like I passed the test and am evolving. I guess that is what challenges are really for… To see how we’re going to deal with certain problems.

      What is the quote? Whatever doesn’t break you makes you stronger?

      I feel stronger today and I’m grateful for so many loving friends who have supported me along this journey, including the writers at our Tuesday morning prompt-a-thon.


  5. It’s really about what we decide to do. The water, and electricity thing could have gone a number of ways. Sounds like the water feed to your residence … That’s one that could be something of a challenge. Always good to know an excellent plumber, no easy task. The electric in the house is usually’ grounded’ to the water pipes. The wires on your house from the utility company are live wires only, with a third wire that also goes to the ‘ground’. Should have been an easy fix though. But a plumber might tell you to call an electrician! Even though he caused the issue.

    Good luck on your journey, a British friend tells me everyone speaks English these days (except maybe in China) but I would still make sure you have a good translator app for your smart phone.


    • contoveros says:

      Water was restored last night.


      I slept in a bed in a warm room and was able to relieve myself in a working toilet this morning rather then visit my favorite bush outside my house.

      Life is good!

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      • The stoics want us to have times like those to appreciate the little things that can mean so much. The are much like Zen teachers in that regard … Here’s to indoor plumbing!!!


  6. sam davies says:

    Michael J., that is a lot to go wrong. So glad you did not let it get you down. Shows what strength you have. Have a blast on your journey! See you when you return. S/J


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